Blogging From the Beacon.

For the week of January 19-23.

Last week was a good week. The pacing is up, the new plots are taking up more time than the old, and a few elements of the past were given more play. Shayne’s behavior became clearer. He blames himself for Lara’s death. Only Dinah knows and she continues trying to act as his protector. But it’s not easy for her to do that when Reva is in her protective mother bear mode. Since Olivia isn’t in shape to give Reva a fight, Dinah seems to have been selected for the task. She’s certainly up to it. When Dinah gets nasty, she can compete with the best of them. Perhaps that’s why her confident, yet careful, behavior this past week came off as strangely threatening. Reva blew up at her repeatedly and got obnoxiously self-righteous. The only person in Springfield who has ever been nearly as delusional about their parenting skills, or just basic people skills, is Alan. While Reva admitted that she was off base earlier in the week, it didn’t stop her from going for broke at the end of the week and getting personal in her insults, all but calling Dinah a circus freak. Making things more awkward, Josh and Reva pushed to have a memorial for Lara, with or without Shayne. He reluctantly attended and thanked everyone. His family thought this was helping him heal, but he promptly went outside and tried to kill himself.

Coop also found himself being less than successful on the people front. After Lizzie spotted the young Mr. Bradshaw with her mother at dinner, she ran off and he stalked after her. As he tried to explain, she thumped him. Lizzie slapping Coop was refreshing. That she slapped him twice was even better. Her disgust over this, and Bill, seems to be driving her to Cyrus, who is as devious as anyone else, but honest about it. The girl has become so distraught that she gave her little dog away. Bill quickly grabbed Roxy from Lillian while they were walking. Maybe she forgot that he almost killed the dog last time he was supposed to look after her. Then he ran to Rick to demand Phillip’s whereabouts and prepared to run off in pursuit. Even Rick found Bill’s desire to bring Phillip back somewhat odd. Phillip and Bill hate each other (hopefully that won’t change – Bill needs more enemies than Alan and himself) and Phillip had a habit of occupying even more of a moral gray zone than Bill does. It’s intriguing to wonder if Phillip’s return will make things much worse for Bill and Lizzie… Actually Rick had a pretty good week, making some of his rare appearances outside of work, sober and having non-medical conversations with people. Beth confessed her affair to him. His reaction was wonderfully mixed. All that he could say for ‘little Coop’ was that he was younger than Alan.