It was 72 years ago today, on January 25, 1937, that NBC’s Red radio network, broadcast the first episode of The Guiding Light. Since then, the show has changed networks and media, as well as leaping from fifteen minutes to one hour per episode. (Read more about the show’s history here). It’s also gone from being set in the suburbs of Five Points to the town of Springfield. In celebration if the event, check out this episode which aired two years ago. This special 70th anniversary episode was the brainchild of Head Writer David Kreizman and retells the story of the series’ creator, Irna Phillips (played by Beth Ehlers), and the early days of the show. Filled with some touching humor and fascinating details, it proved to be a stellar episode and a beautiful way of celebrating Guiding Light‘s history.

Part 1:


Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Watch the episode, or read our recap, and let know what you think.