For some time now, rumors have been circulating that Natalia (Jessica Leccia) and Olivia (Crystal Chappell) are embarking on a ‘different’ sort of relationship for Springfield. Initially, many insiders suggested that they would become a romantic pairing, making them Guiding Light’s first lesbian couple. These suggestions have been contradicted by people at the show, who have insisted that the two women merely have a unique relationship. So far, both characters have been gradually changing and seem to come closer day by day. This was even noticed by Olivia’s daughter, Emma, who wrote a school report called “My Two Mommies” to highlight her family situation. You can read the recap of that episode here, and watch a clip of their scenes below.

Do you have any other thoughts on this story? Are they just friends, is there a romantic subtext? Let know what you think in the comments section below.