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Blogging From the Beacon.

For the Week of December 1-5.

The Bourdeau family Thanksgiving opened the week. It provided a nice contrast with Cooper’s from the previous week. The humor took less effort, surprising, given how little time we really get with the entire family. We also got some time with the new Leah, who seemed to fit in quite comfortably. I’ve always wanted to see more depth with this family. Like a lot of viewers, the characters often seemed forced and come off as dubious over-achievers. That’s softened in their past few appearances, but there is a genuine awareness of this on the part of those writing them. That is why we actually got to watch Christina walk to ‘the wrong side of the tracks’ and then mock it, in what was a deliberate skewering of the social cliches that have haunted the characters. I still enjoy Remy and Christina and believe they have potential, but I still think they are being forced a little too quickly into couplehood.

Bill is out of his coma and quickly returning to his old self. He’s become obsessive since discovering that he was indicted. After finding a scar on his chest that was identical to the one she gave the kidnapper, Lizzie began questioning his innocence. She kept that to herself and is now over-compensating. This is allowing her to develop some more shade to her character and some friction between her Bill and the rest of the Lewis family that may have lasting effects.