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Blogging From The Beacon.

For the week of November 24-28.

Because of the holiday, it was a short week last week, but a lot was packed into the first day or two. Doris pushed ahead with her charges against Bill. With Alan’s help, she managed to get the jacket back into evidence after Lizzie had it removed. This was enough to lay charges. Bill woke up at the end of the week. His eyes won’t be open long before Frank is ready to give him the bad news. I really don’t enjoy watching Lizzie be turned into an obsessive wreck when it comes to Bill. I hope this is merely a side-effect of the trauma of being kidnapped. More enjoyable was watching Alan’s brief interactions with Doris, one of the only couplings in the past two years to get me really excited.

Meanwhile, Remy and Christina raced around town trying to get an annulment to their drunken marriage. They didn’t manage it, since she blew up at the bureaucrat who was meant to sign the paperwork. Her fits of anger seemed to impress Remy. They twinkled their eyes at each other. I guess if you get married before you’ve even had a date, it would be an understatement to say that the relationship is rushed. Elsewhere, Jeffery worried about what choices Reva would make. She was relieved to see Dr. Colin McCabe return to help her out, offering to treat her and the baby simultaneously.