Blogging from the Beacon.

For the Week of October 13 – October 17.

Once again, last week began with Reva and Jeffrey and then they quickly vanished for the remainder of the week. She had a bit of a crisis about being a mother so she ran off to Towers and threatened to start dancing on the bar. Everyone seemed bored and a bit embarrassed by her. I’m sure some die hard Reva fans might take scenes like that pretty bitterly, and there is something bitter about them, but they aren’t entirely mocking of the character’s previous life. Reva is the poster girl for the show’s march away from its past, casting things with a melancholy humor.

Other light aspects of the week were devoted to the show’s stillborn romance between Cassie and Cyrus. Since we all know that she’ll be gone soon, it ends up being more depressing than charming. Her attempts to keep Cyrus at arm’s length and shelter RJ are indicative of where this is going. He even noticed her making promises to RJ and backed away, a sign that he may already be looking elsewhere, but where will he go next? He took a polygraph and flirted with Marina. Since Dinah jumped on Mallet, things may not be as smooth for he and Marina and he’d thought. Though Dinah was being strategic and trying to throw Mallet off during the kidnapping fiasco, there is still an underlying attachment between them (which I’ve never understood).

Again, most of the week was consumed by the kidnapping story. A lot of people on the messageboard seem to wonder when Lizzie will be getting her bathroom break. She’s been trapped in a chair for what feels like a very long time. I always thought that the only time anyone went into a bathroom on GL was to have a quickie or threaten someone. The lack of bathroom realism isn’t bothering me much. The thing that really bothers me about this plot is that Bill is being so out of character. We’ve seen him looking disoriented and helpless before, mostly after Max died, so maybe this is a traumatic throw back. But he’s too weirdly passive. It’s actually sort of disturbing. I know it’s just supposed to show that losing Lizzie makes him realize that he loves her, but the fact that it’s so obvious is what makes it so unbelievable.

More reassuringly, Alan is out of his chair and running around town. I kept wondering where Alex was during all of this. Daisy kept pining for Grady and denying it to herself and others. Since I was never convinced of any great passion between them, I find the whole thing with ‘the key’ that he gave her and he carries around somewhat hackneyed. Lizzie wounding him with the object symbolizing Daisy’s rejection of him was a bit overwrought for me. I far preferred watching he and Daisy stalk around a convenience store for the better part of an episode. Every shot was carefully manipulated for maximum product placement. The lovers were separated by rows of candy and feminine health products was a more apt symbol of things. I always enjoy the crass reminder that Guiding Light is, essentially and since radio, the world’s longest commercial.

Anyway, those were my thoughts about last week. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and remember that this is all in fun.

Matt Purvis