Fans of Tom Pelphrey, formerly known as Reva’s prodigal son Jonathan Randall, will be getting a treat over the next few weeks. The actor will be appearing on two different Primetime series on CBS. This Friday, October 17, he will be making a guest appearance on the supernatural series “Ghost Whisperer,” often a stop off for ex-Daytime actors. In a little more than two weeks, on Monday November 3, he will be poking his head up for an episode of “CSI: Miami.” Check your local listings for air times.

Since leaving Guiding Light, he has spent much of his time working in theater, but has also shown up in Primetime for an episode of “Numb3rs” and “The Burg” as well as the internet serial “The Hicks.” Movie-goes could also see him on the big screen this year when he had a bit part in the Matthew Perry film “Birds of America.” Last month, rumors flew that the actor would return to Daytime and join the cast of General Hospital but they turned out to be false and the actor has remained steadfast in avoiding a return to the world of soaps.