Blogging from the Beacon.

For the Week of October 6 – October 10.

Last week began on a light note with Jeffrey and Reva stranded by the side of the road. As he left for gas, she was forced to wait with a pair of bikers. They went back to town and had a barbecue and he got back to work. After that, they weren’t seen. It was sort of like being served an after dinner mint before the meal. The rest of the week was more mixed. The good news is that Alan is back to being his old self. Although he didn’t get too do much but grimace, and hire Grady to make Bill look bad in front of Lizzie, it’s good that he’s getting back to scheming. I missed the evil twinkle in his eye over the past few months.

Some often neglected relationships on the show are currently getting a little more air time, which is something to be glad about. Billy and Bill would be one, Billy and Vanessa would be another. Though I’ve never been a fan of rehashing relationships, I’m still happy to see them with more screen time and it’s good that they’re adding a little more meat to Bill’s relationship with his parents. Dinah, meanwhile, has returned to the paranoid mode that she has always been so good at. I’ve actually come to enjoy her interaction with Grady over the past few weeks. Hopefully it will push her back to the more merciless person she once was. She’s become too soft over the past few years.

Much of the past week, however, was once again devoted Lizzie and Bill attempted to work together on their deal with Decker, without whom, apparently, no business deal can happen. (So why don’t they give him more of a plot?) Dinah enlisted Grady to try and get in the way. Considering how combustible Dinah knows the couple are, it’s a wonder she’s trying so hard. Grady stepped over the line and abducted Lizzie, holding her captive in the basement of the TV studio. At first Dinah as appalled, but when this managed to alienate Bill from Lizzie once again, she became impressed. Once again, Lizzie was roughed up with gagging and choking and the other unfortunate things that seem to happen to her so often. I’m getting rather tired of seeing this, but I suppose even Grady wasn’t nearly as abusive to her as Jonathan was, or Bill is, even if Bill’s abuse is purely emotional.