For awhile, Remy Boudreau fans could be excited that the character was starting to come into his own. He had a love story, a job and a baby on the way. Suddenly, he lost pretty much everything. Although this has given him a lot of grief to play, and brought a welcome return to his on-screen relationship with his family, the character sometimes seems doomed to sink back into his old ways. Well, maybe not. This week, he’s been contemplating which direction to take in his life and it seems like he may even go in that of his over-achieving sister by studying medicine.

But there’s other news for Remy. It looks like he’ll be getting another woman in his life soon. Karla Mosley will be joining the cast of Guiding Light as Christina. The twenty seven year old actress is a graduate of New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts and was also a member of children’s rock group The Sugar Beats. She joined the cast of children’s series “Hi-5” for three years before leaving to work in commercials, musicals and off-Broadway theater where she received rave reviews. Mosley is no stranger to TV either. She’s already taken roles on “Law & Order” and “Gossip Girl”. Currently, she can be seen on the big screen in the Coen brothers’ hit movie, “Burn After Reading”. sends our congrats to Karla. We’re sure she’ll make a great addition to the cast. Look for her to make her first appearance on October 22.