Although she certainly has the role of Springfield’s most saintly mother nailed down perfectly, Jessica Leccia (Natalia Rivera Aitoro) has led a far more eclectic acting career than one might guess. Outside of her stint on GL, she’s appeared on the short lived sitcom Love Monkey as a detective, played a groupie in the comedy feature On the One and portrayed Mary Magdalene on Rescue Me.

This month, viewers will get the chance to see her in a project which takes her to a very different world than Springfield. Back in 2006, the actress starred in the raunchy comedy Slippery Slope in which she played a porn actress named Stacy. The feature tells the story of a young feminist filmmaker who, in desperation for some quick cash to finance her documentary “Feminism for Dummies”, secretly takes a job directing porn. This leads to an obvious conflict of values but, in the process, her slumbering sexuality is awakened, much to the bewilderment of her extremely politically-correct husband. In addition to Leccia, the film also stars Kelly Hutchinson, Jim True-Frost and Laila Robins.

The film originally debuted at the Montreal International Film Festival in 2006 and won the Best Film Award at the Broad Film Festival, however, it didn’t get a distribution deal until recently. Now, Lifesize Entertainment has made the film available on DVD for the general public this month. It can currently be purchased online. For more information, please visit the film’s official website.