Bartlett with Beth Ehlers (CBS)

When I first heard about the part of Cyrus, I knew this newcomer to Springfield would be trouble, but I had no idea how much trouble he would cause or how charismatic he could be while doing it. Australian actor Murray Bartlett joined the cast of Guiding Light on March the 9th, 2007. Since then, as Cyrus Foley, he’s blackmailed his former crime partner, Dinah, back into the game; married Alexandra Spaulding to take her for all she was worth; seduced local detective Marina Cooper into betraying her family and profession; had an affair with her aunt Harley after surviving a building collapse; slept with the local minister’s wife and various other misdeeds. Of course, not all of his bad behavior has been intentional and he’s revealed that there’s more to his persona than simply being a rogue. Much of what has made the character different than the run-of-the-mill daytime badboy comes down to Mr. Bartlett, who manages to imbue his character with a disarming charm and surprising sensitivity at every turn. We were lucky enough to have a chance to chat with the actor about his role, his technique and his thoughts on the character’s future.

Matt: Previous to making your way to GL, you appeared on a variety of soaps in Australia (Neighbours, Home and Away). Could you tell us anything about the differences between working on Australian and American soaps?

Murray: One of the main differences is that on Australian soaps we spend a significant amount of time shooting scenes on and around the beach. Very nice! There are some subtle production differences, but nothing major.

Matt: Cyrus has already hooked up with several of the women on the show; can you give us any clues on a future romance for Cyrus?

Murray: Cyrus and Cassie are starting to spend more time together, but he’s still pretty hooked on Harley. And in occasional interactions with Marina, it’s clear that there are still some sparks there. So there are a number of possibilities that may unfold. And isn’t Natalia still single? Hmm…