Week of August 11 – 15.

While the old Alan thankfully came back a little last week, I can’t help wonder how villainous can he really get when he has people like Mallet, Frank and Jeffrey as enemies? At least he’s been trying to team up with Dinah. I enjoy their scenes together and I genuinely appreciate Dinah acting like an independent and conniving person again. That’s the Dinah I remember, but I don’t know how long she will stay up before being dragged down by those around her, especially her brother, and reduced to a shell of her mischievous self (that’s what happened to her mother after all).

The Grady trial quickly wrapped up without much fanfare. No one was too surprised by the outcome but Jeffrey was certainly dejected. So much so that he wanted to push into getting married to Reva even more quickly and then have a lengthy honeymoon. I think they make a good couple, but I have to wonder why whenever something goes wrong, the only thing they can think to do is get married quicker. I assume it is supposed to mark some new point in their life; they’ll be reborn and everything else will vanish. That’s the Reva fantasy, which sounds strangely similar to the apocalypse.

Maybe that’s why Josh is so excited about her. Although I’ve never been a fan of Jeva, watching him pursue her is still strangely sweet and a giddy Robert Newman is a welcome change. He and Cassie split up very quickly, also in a bid to start a new life. The end of the marriage was basically summed up in two shots: The first with Mel sitting between them and them looking at each other; the second with Mel absent and them staring into blank space. Both of them have leaped off to find something new and, as is inevitably the case with these characters, they will either be dragged to, or run back to, their past. Why does no one know how to move on?