Welcome to our first Guiding Light wardrobe column. As is the case for many of the other shows we cover at Soaps.com, Guiding Light gets questions from viewers about striking pieces of clothing they’ve spotted. The people at the show have been good enough to agree to answer questions for us about this from time to time. Here are some of the detailed answers we’ve received for the queries you’ve sent in so far.

Bree S asks: Could you please tell me the name of the designer of the dress Dinah wore to Bill’s wedding? (The blue and white one) What a beautiful choice!!! The GL wardrobe department always does such a phenomenal job!

Dinah’s silk cocktail dress with large crystal stone embellishment is by Teri Jon and was purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Laura M asks: A few days ago Lizzie was carrying a white leather and straw handbag. I was trying to find out what brand the handbag was. The top was white leather and the bottom half was straw. There was one handle at the top. The handle was white leather. I appreciate any help that you could give me. Thank you.

Lizzie’s cute summer straw handbag was purchased at Target.