Week of July 28-August 1.

Last week, after much consideration, Chrissi decided that each of the writers for this site should start offering our weekly thoughts on the shows we cover. Although she’s the only person around the office that is actually shorter than I am, I still gave in to the peer pressure. Although I recap the show everyday, I’ve generally avoided giving my opinions on the show and tried to remain objective, so this is a bit new to me, but it’s all well-meaning.

Last week provided a startling contrast to the one which preceded it. Although Monday gave us some Jeva, with Josh now ironically on the chase after Reva, the plot seemed to be suddenly devoid of the nostalgia that had saturated it the previous week. At best, they seemed to be comic relief. While Josh became scarce as the week went on, Reva stuck around, doing her best to disrupt things between her granddaughter and Grady. Under the shadow of Reva, Daisy continues to battle against her family and even got into a tiff with Ashlee. I know a lot of people are hard on Daisy, but between her self-righteous and felonious grandmother, her equally self-righteous and slightly less felonious mother, her psychopathic best friend and her slightly less psychopathic boyfriend, she’s really the least demented of them all. Daisy’s biggest problem is that she isn’t selfish, dangerous or hypocritical enough to pull off living in Springfield. She still seems to be an amateur on a stage full of people long practiced at being malicious. This week she seemed to be having second thoughts about the whole fiasco, perhaps even conscientious. She is a little Reva though, as is so often pointed out and, as such, logical thinking only comes and goes and her personality could change at any time.

One of the other highlights of the week was the tease of a possible battle between Mel and Vanessa over the new baby. Sadly, from where this story is going, this tantalizing development seems bound to go nowhere. “If you mess with Bill, you mess with me,” Vanessa threatened, but this mess will likely soon be tidied up and sent away. It’s a real shame too because they are both talented actresses who have not been allotted anywhere near the material or screen time they deserve. With the show so bent on looking back at its past, why does it always have to be Jeva? Why can’t it be any of the other characters, most of which, I would argue. have far richer and more interesting histories involving more characters and significant events than the perpetually uncoupling couple do?