With the recent departure of Harley (Beth Ehlers) one of Springfield’s major families seems to be dwindling in numbers. While she’s run off trying to protect Gus’ son, one can’t help but wonder what became of Buzz’s other daughter: Lucy. Like Harley, she was also the one time lover of Alan-Michel Spaulding. She was a great deal more like her vagabond father though, skipping around the country and getting into mischief in her earlier years. She tracked down her father in Springfield after her trust fund disappeared. Quickly, she bumped into Alan-Michael, who nearly ran her down with his car, and a bond was soon formed. Things were complicated though, thanks to the fact that he was still smitten with her half-brother Frank’s wife, Eleni. Lucy and Alan-Michael dated casually and she started to work at Spaulding where she was raped by Brent Lawrence. When she told Alan-Michael of this, he stood with her to take Lawrence down. After Lawrence faked his own death to escape the law, he returned as a woman named Marion and began to stalk Lucy. Brent/Marion abducted her and held her captive, threatening to throw her off the lighthouse. Alan-Michael ran to help, but her quick wits allowed her to manipulate Brent/Marion and push him over the edge. He was arrested and incarcerated, while she and Alan-Michael were married. Growing tired of Springfield, they left for a life in France in 1997. He returned in 2005 after divorcing her.

The part of Lucy was originated and played by a charming actress named Sonia Satra. Since leaving the cast of Guiding Light in 1997, the New Jersey native has been leading a busy career. Like many soap actors, she stayed with the genre for awhile, moving to the cast of One Life to Live soon after leaving Springfield behind. At the same time, she also showed up in a few more surprising places, like Baywatch and an eccentric b-movie called Hyacinth. She followed these with a spot on short-lived Canadian action series Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Since then, she has worked mostly on small video productions with roles in the thriller Intrepid and the romantic comedy My Friend’s Love Affair, before producing and starring in Pride & Loyalty which just happened to feature future Dinah Marler, Gina Tognoni. Most recently she appeared in the TV movie Cry of the Winged Serpent and this year’s The Drum Beats Twice, which also happens to star Justin Deas (Buzz Cooper) and former Marah Lewis, Laura Bell Bundy.