There has been another big change behind the scenes at Guiding Light . The show’s producer, Ellen Wheeler, has just announced that, in addition to David Kreizman, the show will be getting three more Headwriters to script the series. Soap vets Christopher Dunn, Lloyd “Lucky” Gold and Jill Lorie Hurst have been appointed to the position. They will be working in co-ordination with Kreizman and his team from now on. This is not the first time that the series has had more than one Headwriter. In fact, this was frequently the case in the early 90’s and through some of the show’s most successful periods. Having two separate, though co-ordinated teams, however, is something of a new approach.

Kreizman has been the Headwriter for the series since 2004. In his time, he has created some of the most innovative and controversial stories in the series’ history. He’s also received four Daytime Emmy nominations, winning one, as well as winning an award from the Writers Guild of America. He joined the show in 1995 and worked his way through the ranks to his current position. Christopher Dunn joined the show in 1999 as Co-Headwriter. Before joining GL, he worked on Sunset Beach, General Hospital and Santa Barbara. Lloyd Gold meanwhile, began his career in theatre and worked for PBS, helping to create the Mystery series. His daytime credits include One Life to Live and Another World. He’s been writing for Guiding Light since 2001 and served as Co-Headwriter for the 2001-2002 seasons. Lorie Hurst has been at the show since 1994 and has spent much of that time working alongside Kreizman as well as on the production team.

In a public statement, Ellen Wheeler had this to say about the changes: “I am thrilled about the new roles that David, Jill, Chris and Lucky will play on the headwriting teams at Guiding Light. Since Guiding Light adopted its revolutionary new production model at the start of the year, we have made major changes to nearly every aspect of how we produce the show. I believe that appointing collaborative headwriting teams will help to expand the show’s vision and storytelling ability in this new model. Our new headwriting teams are made up of extraordinarily talented individuals who all respect the rich history of Guiding Light and are all very dedicated to mining that history for the future success of the show.”