Audiences of Guiding Light were recently treated to Jeffrey O’Neill (Bradley Cole) singing a few little tunes to his wife-to-be Reva Shayne (Kim Zimmer). If it seemed to you that Bradley Cole has more than a casual acquaintance with singing and playing his guitar, you’d be right. It’s not the first time that the actor has sung on the show and it’s sure not to be the last. Cole has had an active music career for decades now. The California native began playing guitar at the age of eight and has subsequently played in many bands and milieus. In addition to performing for audiences around the globe, he has released four studio albums. The first of these, “Tonite”, was released in 1994. Since then, he has released albums on a consistent basis, developing a growing audience for his work on both sides of the Atlantic. His last album, “A Human Thing”, received positive reviews and he is currently working on a follow up.

If you like what you’ve heard in snippets on the show, you’ll have a chance to check out even more in person. Bradley Cole has just released his performance schedule for the next few months. He will perform at the following venues this summer in New York City: The Underground Lounge, located at 955 West End Avenue on Saturday, June the 28th; The Huron Club, located at 15 Vandam St. on Saturday, July the 26th and at The Cutting Room, at 19 West 24th St. on Tuesday, August the 26th . He will also be headlining the 5th Annual Bradley Cole Rock Show for Charity to Benefit the Red Cross on Friday, September the 26th.

For more information about these dates and to check out some of Mr. Cole’s music for yourself, please visit his record label’s official website.