Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) seems to be slipping back into her old trouble-making ways recently and it looks like her past is going to be catching up with her. The character’s former mad, bad and dangerous to know boyfriend, the mysteriously named “G” (for Gillespie) will be returning to Springfield. The character came onto the canvas as Daisy’s boyfriend while she was away at school. The pair traveled to Springfield where he was brought to do some dirty work, first by Olivia who hired him to attack Ava, then by Alan who hired him to take out Jonathan. That plan went awry and he killed Tammy Winslow instead. After being captured and nearly beaten to death by Remy, the character spent a lot of time in the hospital before making a deal with Doris and Alan that got him out of the country and everyone off the hook for their crimes. Daisy may be what is luring him back this time, but she won’t be the only one getting a surprise when he returns.

Once again the character will be played by Australian actor Kane Manera. In his time away from Guiding Light, Manera shot roles in five films. The Blood Shed, Suburban Girl and Goodbye Baby were all released to theaters and on DVD last year. He recently completed work on the film Cass, to be released in July, and the thriller Crush. Manera is a native of Perth, Australia. He first appeared on GLin fall of 2006 before retuning the following spring.

Manera will make his return on June the 2nd.