Earlier this week, a poster on our messageboard suggested that they had sources claiming that Guiding Light‘s Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne) had been fired from the show. This claim quickly began jumping from our message board to other GL boards around the internet, leading many worried fans into a panic. These claims were, however, completely false. One of the wonderful things about the internet is that everyone has a place to say their piece; unfortunately, one of the negative things about it is that this makes it very easy for people to spread false and baseless information. Whether this post was based on simple misinformation or not, we can’t say, but it has been proven false and the offending post removed.

Representatives at the show have confirmed to us that she will not be leaving the show any time soon and is still under contract. This was also confirmed on the actress’ official message board and both of these sources are definitely reliable. Fans of the actress need not worry. This would be a good time to remind users of the message boards to use caution when reading information which does not come from an officially sanctioned source. All information which we offer in the stories in our newsroom come from official sources. We do not publish gossip at Soaps.com. If you happen to see something posted on our message board which you suspect may be dubious, please feel free to contact us.