Credit: (CBS)

Fans of Gil Rogers will be getting a treat when the actor returns to Guiding Light in the coming weeks. The seventy-five year old Lexington, Kentucky native will be returning to the role of Hawk Shayne, Reva’s often absent father. He was last seen in October of 2006 when he showed up to disparage the union of Cassie and Josh.

Since the character first appeared in 1985, he has often had a difficult relationship with his children. Something of a drifter and a rodeo worker, he abandoned his wife and young family and went on the road. He was pulled back into their lives years later when Sally Gleason found him in a prison and took him home. She then bribed him to try and destroy Reva’s relationship with Kyle Sampson. After failing at this, he made some attempt at reconciling with his daughters, who didn’t trust him, and for good reason. He became involved in some of Alexandra Spauldings illegal dealings, but proved that he cared about his family after all when he saved his daughter, Roxie, from dying in a fire. Unfortunately, he went on to blackmail Mindy for starting the fire, causing further friction in the family. Late in the eighties, he took over Company and began a relationship with Lillian, who he became engaged to. They never made it to the altar, however, since his love for his old wife, Sarah, proved too strong. He stuck around town, still attempting to get closer to his family and keeping his nose in their business when he could. After Reva vanished and was assumed dead, he didn’t give up hope she was alive and did his best to stop Josh from moving on. When Sarah died, he promised her on her death bed that he would be a better man and look out for their children. He left town shortly after, returning occasionally for family functions and to meet new relatives when they pop out of the woodwork.