As the Harley-Cyrus-Marina triangle finally spins out of control, we’ll be getting another Wednesday episode heavy with the troubled trio. Will Harley and Cyrus finally get together like they’ve been avoiding all this time? Will Marina turn to Mallet? And what will Dinah have to say, if anything, to the girl who is so entrenched in the lives of two of her former flames? If all of that isn’t enough for you, you may be curious to find out what Kevin Stapleton is doing when he guests on the show. Stapleton will be playing the role of Preston and he’ll be taking Harley out for her first real date in a very long time.

Stapleton will be familiar to many fans of fellow CBS soap One Life to Live. He played Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan from 1996 until 1998 and gained something of a fan base with the help of his chiseled good looks. Since then he’s been on Broadway and appeared on episodes of Law & Order, Sex & the City and Becker. His air date will be Wednesday, February the 6th.

Maybe I’m cynical, but this is strangely reminiscent of when another former soap star,Paul Michael Valley, was brought on as Cal. Is this going to be another repeat of last year’s disappointing promise of romance for Reva, or could this actually amount to something?