Late last year, the people behind Guiding Light announced that there would be some major changes to the way that the show would look. This would include the type of cameras used and how scenes were shot and edited. Aiming for a more naturalistic feeling, and to appeal to a more youthful audience, the show’s camera work may soon be largely hand held and the editing more rapid. We’ve already seen some instances of this, particularly on Wednesday “In the Light” episodes, like last week’s featuring Harley in New York. While it may take awhile for this aspect of the show’s new approach to gel effectively for viewers, another piece of the puzzle has just fallen into place.

This past week, the producers at Guiding Light were given something else they’ve been searching for — a place to create the Springfield they’ve been dreaming about. Soon, the generally unpopular stage sets that have served as Springfield may be vanishing into the distance. Peapack-Gladstone, a small and idyllically rural borough in New Jersey, will be the place that the much touted, “more realistic” version of the legendary soap town will be filmed. When scouting for locations, the show’s production team reportedly fell completely in love with the town and the surrounding area. On Wednesday, January the 16th, the town council for the area approved TeleVest Daytime Programs Inc.’s request to shoot scenes in the area. Although the local council approved initial plans for filming in December, a few kinks still had to be worked out but the final approval on the deal is now sealed.