On Friday September 15th, producer/director Tom Phillips will be taking an entertaining behind the scenes look at CBS’s Guiding Light. It’s part of the pilot for the show On the Set featuring Guiding Light star Frank Dicopoulos(Frank Achilles Cooper Jr.). Tune in to Frank going behind the scenes of some of TV’s most popular shows and watch him delve into the lives of your favorite performers. You’re sure to always find something new and surprising On the Set.

Frank has been a star on Guiding Light since he started, in 1987. Before that he was an athlete and intended to become an orthopedic surgeon before he was bitten by the acting bug. Soon, after graduating from college, he landed diverse roles hosting On the Move for ESPN and the Miss Teen America Pageant. In 1984, he took the soap world by storm and was featured in Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, General Hospital and Young and the Restless before arriving on Guiding Light. It is here that he has endeared himself to viewers as the honorable and hardworking orphan Frank Achilles Cooper Jr., raising his sister Harley almost single-handedly while working his way through various careers before becoming the chief of police.
When Soaps.com’s Editor-in-Chief Chrissi Fix spoke with Phillips, he told her how he and Frank had worked together on some PSA’s for a non-profit group in New Jersey. That collaboration went on to win several awards. “We had a lot of fun working together and wanted to continue the relationship so Frank got permission from his people at Televest (Proctor & Gamble) for us to go in and tape Frank doing his thing.”

Phillips went on to tell us that “Frank has been on the show for 19 years, his close relationships with the cast and crew made for some interesting and humorous moments. Frank has such a passion for his industry and for the people he has worked with for so long. I am told that almost the ‘entire cast’ may show up for the screening next Friday which should make it quite an event.” The premiere of their new venture will be part of the New York Television Festival with a screening to be held in the DGA Theatre at 110 West 57th St.. Showtime is at 8:00PM.

Tom was good enough to pass along an invite to us and we’re crushed that we cannot attend, since we don’t reside in NYC but we thank him for the generous invitation. Everyone here at Soaps.com wishes Tom and Frank all the best and will keep our eyes wide open for it in the future.

A very special thanks to Tom for getting in touch with Soaps.com to give us the scoop! It’s been a pleasure and we look forward to hearing about your future projects.

For additional information, and to see a trailer and outtakes for the program, please visit The New York Television Festival