Caitlin as Ashlee (with Bonnie Dennison (CBS))

Recently, Guiding Light‘s Caitlin Van Zandt generously took some time from her schedule to answer questions submitted to us by visitors to our message boards. A native of New York, Caitlin joined the cast of Guiding Light on March 25, 2006, taking on the complex and often surprising role of Ashlee Wolfe. Starting out in theatre at a young age, Van Zandt appeared in episodes of Queens Supreme and Hope & Faith as well as The Sopranos before assuming the role of Springfield’s most enigmatic blond. The troubled Ashlee has, in many respects, broken the mold of what is expected of a female character on daytime television and, in the process, has won the hearts of many viewers. In addition to her TV work, Van Zandt has also appeared in two independent films: Stephanie Dally and Gardener of Eden. The charming young actress currently attends Hunter College where she majors in religion with a minor in psychology.

The Character:
The friendship between Ashlee and Daisy has been put on the back burner lately; how does she feel about that, especially since Daisy could really use a friend right now?

Well, I totally agree that Daisy could really use a friend right now. Unfortunately, we have no say in what we shoot, so the way I justify it is that Ashlee and Daisy are good friends, always there for each other, it’s just all off camera.

One day Ashlee’s scheming with Blake, then she’s lusting after Jonathan, then she’s just a chatter box, then she’s an attempted murderess because someone said bad words about her mother. How do you deal with your character’s inconsistency?

I deal as best I can. Usually the inconsistencies in our characters are due to storylines that then end and we need to bridge the gaps. I try, try being the important word, to have Ashlee evolve, as we all do, as a young person. This has to be done in this heightened reality and it is something we all work on and struggle with.

Who do you think the real Ashlee will turn out to be?

I hope Ashlee turns out to be Phillip… just kidding. I hear such good things about that dude. Everyone loves him…

What direction do you want the writers to take your character?

I would love Ashlee to be more self-assured, less needy. I would like her to be a good role model for all kinds of young women that struggle with confidence issues and social problems.

If Ash could kick the butt of one SP female, who would it be and why? (Doris excluded)

Ah, excellent question… Off the top of my head, I would say Olivia. Firstly, she is the most amazingly intelligent and beautiful woman ever. That having been said, she broke Buzz’s heart and pushes Ava to the dark side. She’s sassy and probably could hold her own against Ashlee… A fair battle.

Will the secrets of the Wolfe family ever come to light? Any hints?

Well, Orlagh and I always laugh about the many possibilities, however, I have no hints to give. At this point, Ashlee was an immaculate conception and the only shame we carry is that we once lived in a trailer.

Ashlee: Glam girl or CO2 waitress?
Um… probably a bit of both. Balance is a good thing.