After Edmund’s welcome return last month, this month will see the return of yet another character from the past: Bill Lewis. Daniel Cosgrove has come back, with a lengthy contract, to the role of the frequently conflicted son of Billy and Vanessa. Viewers last saw Bill in 2005 when he left Springfield, and Olivia, behind to work for Lewis in Venezuela. Not much has been heard of him until a few weeks ago when he seemed to vanish off the face of the earth after being fired by his own father for dangerous incompetence. As his parents began searching for him, they were frequently put off the scent by a mysterious woman. Now, all of a sudden, he’s back. If he’s anything like the other wayward children who have come back, he’ll be back for revenge. Will he be back to help his unstable half-sister Dinah, or to get back together with one of his ex wives– Beth or Olivia— or has he already set his sights on their daughters? Whatever he got up to in South America, he hasn’t come back nicer for it.

Cosgrove, a native of Connecticut, made the trek to New York in the mid-nineties and has become a staple on the soaps scene ever since. He appeared on All My Children and nighttime soaper Beverly Hills, 90210 before assuming the role of Bill Lewis III in June of 2002. He stayed with the show until 2005. In his time away, he’s been a regular on the show In Justice and, more recently on the new series Dirty Sexy Money.

Daniel Cosgrove returns to the cast on November the 13th.

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