He’s only made a few brief appearances and he’s already causing quite a stir. Seamus Davey Fitzpatrick arrived on screens recently as Will Winslow, the presumed heir to San Cristobel’s throne and pawn in the on-going game between Cassie and Edmund. The young actor has already filled each of his appearances with a remarkable presence, both melancholy and strangely malevolent, qualities which have already earned Seamus award nominations for his work in The Omen. He isn’t all evil either. To get a sense of his range, just check out the commercials he did early in his career, for Flintstones Vitamins and for Marriott Hotels.

Born on December the 29th, 1998 in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, even at his young age, his career seems to have followed the same pattern as most of GL ‘s actors. He started out with a few roles in bit parts on TV series (Sex in the City) before moving on to act in commercials and then appearing in several of the Law & Order franchise shows. His big break came with a famous turn as Damien, the demon seed, in the recent remake of the horror classic The Omen. Since then he has also taken a role on the series The Black Donnellys and developed quite an extensive little fanbase for himself which is sure to grow with this role.

Will Winslow is the son of Alonzo (who we just saw die under mysterious circumstances) and the true heir to the troublesome throne of St. Cristobel. His mother, Camille, gave him up for adoption to Richard and Cassie, but soon wanted him back when he became the key to her becoming queen. Although the young prince was allowed to spend some time with Cassie, he was quickly returned to San Cristobel where he could learn the family business. Since then, even in prison, uncle Edmund has kept an eye on the young royal and became one of his major influences. Could this mean that young Will is being primed to grow into the greatest villain in GL history? Or does he have other surprises up his sleeve? We’ll have to wait and see.