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2008-02-16 Guiding Light

* Gil Rogers will be returning to the show as Hawk Shayne. Look for his first appearance on May the 1st.

* Clayton Smith will be taking care of some of Dinah’s dirty work when he shows up to play Hans on Wednesday, April the 16th.

* Mark Schlereth will returns to the role of Roc Hoover on Monday, March the 24th.

* Ken Arnold and Charlie Hendricks will be appearing as federal agents on Wednesday, March the 26th.

* Wesley Ramsey will be returning as Sam Spencer on Friday, April the 4th and Monday, April the 7th.

* Olivia Birkelund will appear as Phoebe on Tuesday, March the 11th.

* Carey Cromelin will return as the one and only Wanda on Monday, March the 3rd.

* Carter Niles will be making Jonathan angry when he makes an appearance as Mr. Francis on Wednesday, March the 5th.

* Real life CBS reporter Brenda Waters of KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, will be playing herself on Thursday, March the 6th.

* Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus Aitoro) has announced that he will be leaving the show when his contract expires.

* Persistent rumors that Scott Bryce (Craig on ATWT) will be joining the cast have not been confirmed by the show and remain rumors.

* Mike Greensburg and Mike Golic from ESPN’s Mike and Mike In The Morning will be bumping into Josh and Reva on Wednesday, February the 20th.

* Jordan Mahome will be getting Marina into a dangerous position on Wednesday, February the 6th.

* Kevin Stapleton will play Preston, the lucky man who gets to take Harley out for a date on Wednesday, February the 6th.

* Broadway actress Lizbeth Mackay will appear as Dr. Pleasance on Thursday, January the 31st. Will she be able to talk some sense into Cassie?

* Lois Robbins will be catching Cyrus out on Friday, February the 1st.

* Stephanie Gatschet will be returning in the role of Tammy. She will be on Tuesday, January the 22nd, Wednesday, January the 23rd and Friday, January the 25th.

* Elba Sette-Camara will appear as a cop who helps Harley out on Wednesday, January the 16th.

* Krista Sutton, a featured actress on the improvisational soap/sitcom Train 48 and American Psycho, will appear on Wednesday, January the 9th.

* Tuck Milligan will be appearing as Chalmers. He’ll be sorting things out between Doris and Buzz on Thursday, December the 20th.

* Victor Buvine will make an appearance as Commissioner Thompson on Friday, December the 21st.

* Douglas Harmsen will appear as Fred, a new accomplice for Will, on December the 21st.

* CBS anchor Kate Sullivan will appear as herself to announce election results on December the 11th.

* Broadway performer Dylis Croman will be sharing some time with Bill when she appears as Andrea on Thursday, December the 6th.

* Meredith Patterson will be appearing as Melinda, the wedding planner for Gus and Natalia’s nuptials. Patterson is a stage vet and has appeared in the films Broken Flowers and The Princess Diaries 2 as well as TV series Boston Legal. She shall be on GL on Friday December the 7th, Monday, December the 10th and again on Friday, December the 21st.

* Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall) is expected to return early in 2008 for an undisclosed period of time.

* Tim Meinelschmidt will be giving Olivia terrible news when he appears in the role of Dr. Lane on Wednesday, November the 28th.

* John Michael Hill will be getting pushed around by Cyrus and Harley when he appears as Bruce on Monday, December the 3rd.

* Ian Alda will be making his first appearance as Einstein on December the 3rd. Could this spell trouble for Coop and Ashlee? That's the rumor, but so far he is only scheduled for two appearances in the next month. * Daniel Cosgrove returns as Bill Lewis III on November the 13th. * John Ottavino will be appearing as Nelson, on Wednesday, November the 14th. * Jeff Binder will play the health inspector on Tuesday, November the 6th.

Saturday, February 16th, 2008


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