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* Peter Francis James will be reprising the role of Clayton Boudreau beginning Tuesday, May 12

* Tom Pelphrey will be returning as Jonathan Randall this summer. Read more here.

* David Leonard will be playing a bartender on Monday, May 4

* Reporter Dewayne Bevil will be playing a ticket-taker who welcomes Bill and Lizzie to Universal Studios on Monday, April 27.

* Jeremy Palko will be playing Jackie, a boy who befriends Ashlee, on April 30 to Friday, May 1.

* It has been reported that Paul Anthony Stewart will be returning as Danny Santos. Read more here. Nancy St. Alban will also be returning as Michelle.

* BethAnn Bonner, best known for her role as Talia Sahid on One Life to Live, will be traveling to Springfield. Read more about it here. She will be arriving on screen in June accompanied by Cyrus.

* Kate Turnbull will be playing Clarice, the officer from Child Protective
Services who has been assigned to Henry’s case. You’ll see her on Thursday April 23 and Friday April 24.

* Jayne Houdyshell will play Judge Burslem on Friday April 24. She will be deciding the fate of Henry.

* Zuzanna Szadkowski will play Sister Angelica, a Bosnian nun who has some shocking news for Dinah on Thursday April 23 and Friday April 24.

* Kim Allen is back as Lara on April 15.

* Bailey Hanks will appear as Amy, the governor’s daughter, on Wednesday April 8 and Thursday, April 9.

* Jon Ecklund will play Dr. Fletcher on Wednesday April 1. He’ll be there to help Reva deliver her baby.

* Gil Rodgers will return as Hawk Shayne on Friday April 3. He’ll be on hand for the birth of Reva’s baby.

* Chase and Trever Tonon will be playing Reva and Jeffrey’s new son beginning on Friday April 3.

* On Friday, March 27, Kit Flanagan will be playing the judge presiding over Phillip’s case.

* Krista Sutton will be playing a nun named Ann a nun on Monday, March 30. Olivia visits her to get some answers.

* Ian and Chad Chlebowski will make their first appearance as Marina and Mallet’s adopted newborn, Henry Cooper Camaletti, on Tuesday, March 17.

* Fiona Hutchsion will be back as Jenna Bradshaw on Tuesday, March 17 and Wednesday, March 18.

If you’ve ever wanted to appear on the show, check this out.

* Bailey Hanks, the winner of MTV’s “Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods,” will be playing Amy, the Governor’s daughter on Wednesday, April 8 and Thursday, April 9.

* Tracey B Wilson will be playing Jean, the bartender at Farley’s. She’ll be welcoming Olivia to ‘Ladies Night’ on Wednesday, March 11.

* Rose Courtney will be playing Reva’s birthing instructor, Janice, on Thursday, March 12.

* John Rothman will be returning as Judge Greene. He’ll be taking over Reva and Jeffrey’s case on Friday, March 13.

* Tyra Colar will return as Leah Bauer on Friday, March 13.

* Zack Conroy will be joining the cast as James Spaulding on April 8. Read more here.

* Paul Fitzgerald will be returning as Dr. Colin McCabe on March 4.

* Lev Gorn and Uma Incrocci will be playing Mr. and Mrs. Kovac, a Bosnian couple who Mallet and Dinah get tangled up with on March 4.

* Gordana Rashovich will play Mrs. Dovic, a Bosnian orphanage director, on Friday February 27.

* Paul Rolfes will be playing Phillip’s attorney, Randall, on Monday March 3.

* Gil Rogers will be returning as Hawk on February 25.

* Mark Schlereth will be back as Roc Hoover. Jeffrey brings him to town to trail Jeffrey on Wednesday February 11.

* Krista Tesreau will be returning as Mindy Lewis is early March. More here. Look for her on Friday March 6, Monday March 9 and Tuesday March 1.

* Fiona Hutchison will return as Jenna on Monday, February 9. She will be back on Tuesday, February 17. * Kim Allen will be appearing in flashbacks as Lara Fasano on February 6. Read more here. * Olivia Dicopoulos will be returning as Maureen and getting into some trouble on Thursday, January 22. * Clayton Apgar will be playing Hudson, a corrupt contractor who fights with Grady on Friday, January 16. * Kahan James will be portraying Rafe's prison doctor, Dr. Nealy, on Friday, January 16. * Evan Dickstein plays Emma's classmate, Derek, on Tuesday, January 13 and Friday, January 16. * Mark Schlereth is back as Roc Hoover. This time around, he'll be helping Jeffrey with a secret mission. Look for him on on Tuesday, January 6. * Jeffrey Hayenga will be playing Brooks, an attorney. Beth will be shadowing him on Wednesday, January 7 and Thursday, January 8. * Jeff Lima will be getting into a fight with Shayne and threatening Dinah. The young actor will be playing Byron on Tuesday, January 6 and Wednesday, January 7. * Aaron Schwartz will be portraying Dr. Mansfield on Thursday, January 8 and Friday, January 9. He will be in town to treat Mallet. * It looks like Bill will be getting a little hypnotherapy. Jonathan Fried will be playing Dr. Wenkel, a hypnotherapist on Friday, January 9. * In a recent interview, Michelle Ray Smith hinted that she may be interested in returning to acting. * John Driscoll (Henry 'Coop" Cooper) will be leaving the show in February. His final air date has yet to be announced. * Venida Evans will be making a return appearance as Christina’s Grandma Loretta on Tuesday, December 23. * The December 18 episode will have a new 'character'. It's the Proctor & Gamble icon Mr. Clean! See related story here. * It is rumored that John Driscoll (Coop), E.J. Bonilla (Rafe), Bonnie Dennison (Daisy), Kane Manera (Grady) and Caitlin Van Zandt (Ashlee) will be exiting the show, or continuing in reduced roles, in the coming months. This has yet to be officially confirmed. * David Andrew MacDonald will be returning as Edmund Winslow starting on January 22. Read more here. * Tyra Colar will be joining the cast as Leah Bauer beginning on December 1. (Read more here) * Michelle Ray Smith will return as Ava Peralta on December 19 and 23. (More info here.) * Paul Fitzgerald will be returning as Dr. Colin McCabe. * Grant Aleksander will be returning as Phillip Spaulding. Read more here. It looks like his return date will be February 6. * Jennifer Roszell will return as Eleni on December 4. * Tom Bloom will be appearing as Governor Young on Monday November 3 and Friday November 7. * Ben Levin will plays Chip, a student Daisy thinks about dating, on Thursday November 6. * Stephen Beach will be playing the warden at Rafe’s prison. Look for him on Thursday October 30. * Robert Newman will be back as Josh beginning on Monday October 20. * Karla Mosley will be taking on the role of Christina beginning on October 22. * Nicole Forester will be leaving the role of Cassie behind November 4. * Miles Williams will be leaving the role of RJ behind as well when the character leaves with Cassie. * Jeff Branson has been cast as Shayne Lewis. Expect to see him on December 1.

Thursday, May 7th, 2009


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