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* Stephen Beach will be playing the warden at Rafe’s prison. Look for him on Thursday October 30.

* Robert Newman will be back as Josh beginning on Monday October 20.

* Karla Mosley will be taking on the role of Christina beginning on October 22. Read more here.

* Nicole Forester will be leaving the role of Cassie behind this November. Read about it here.

* Miles Williams will be leaving the role of RJ behind as well when the character leaves with Cassie.

* Jeff Branson has been cast as Shayne Lewis. Expect to see him on December 1. Read more here.

* Crystal Chappell (Olivia Spencer) has renewed her contract with the show. Although the precise details have not been released, fans of Olivia can expect to see her on their screens for the foreseeable future.

* On Tuesday, September 23 and Wednesday, September 24, Dylan Chalfy will be playing Cassie’s neighbor, Harris.

* Scott Evans will be playing Trey, a student who threatens Daisy after she tries to bust for drug dealing. You can see him on Friday, September 25.

* Tom Wiggin will be playing Decker beginning on Monday, September the 15th. Read more about him here.

* Montel Williams will be returning as Clayton Boudreau on Thursday, September the 18th.

* Alex Cranmer will be appearing as Dr. Hendrix on September the 3rd and 4th to give Reva some news.

* Michael Sabatino will be returning to the role of Vince Russo on August the 27th, and then again beginning on September the 22nd. To read more, please click here.

* With Josh leaving to search for his son Shayne next month, there are expectations that he may actually return to Springfield with him. Although the show has confirmed that they are keeping an eye open for an actor to fill the role, they still haven’t found one.

* EJ Bonilla is returning to the role of Rafe on Tuesday, August the 19th.

* Kim Brockington will be returning as Dr. Felicia Boudreau on August the 5th.

* Montel Williams will be appearing as Clayton Boudreau on August the 1st and 5th.

Monday, October 27th, 2008


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