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* Alex Cranmer will be appearing as Dr. Hendrix on September the 3rd and 4th to give Reva some news.

* Michael Sabatino will be returning to the role of Vince Russo on August the 27th, and then again beginning on September the 22nd. To read more, please click here.

* With Josh leaving to search for his son Shayne next month, there are expectations that he may actually return to Springfield with him. Although the show has confirmed that they are keeping an eye open for an actor to fill the role, they still haven’t found one.

* EJ Bonilla is returning to the role of Rafe on Tuesday, August the 19th.

* Kim Brockington will be returning as Dr. Felicia Boudreau on August the 5th.

* Montel Williams will be appearing as Clayton Boudreau on August the 1st and 5th.

* Michelle Ray Smith will be exiting as Ava Lewis at the end of the month. The actress will be going on maternity leave and is not expected to return.

* Tom Bloom will be appearing as Governor Young on Friday, July the 11th.

* James Rutledge will be appearing on Thursday, July the 3rd as the Minister at Bill and Ava’s wedding.

* Naelee Rae will be joining up in the role of Clarissa Marler beginning on June the 25th.

* Kristen Connolly and John Harrison return as Jolene and Mark, the actors playing Reva and Josh, on Thursday, May the 29th.

* Kane Manera will be returning to the role of Gillespie on June the 2nd.

* EJ Bonilla (Rafe Aitoro) exits from the series on May the 26th. The future of the character is still not completely determined.

* Helen Coxe will be appearing as Madame Marie on Friday, May the 23rd.

* Beth Ehlers (Harley Davidson Cooper) will be leaving the cast on June the 23rd.

* Kate Miller will be appearing as Sheila on Monday, April the 28th.

* Lyle Mackston will share some tense moments with Olivia and Natalia when he appears as Randy on Tuesday, April the 29th.

* Kristen Connolly will be showing up with a bit of surprise for Reva. You can see her play Jolene on Friday, May the 2nd.

* Victor Bevine will be appearing as the commissioner on Wednesday, April the 23rd.

* On Wednesday, April the 23rd, David Skeist will show up as “Skids”, an old friend of Gus’.

* Gil Rogers will be returning to the show as Hawk Shayne. Look for his first appearance on May the 1st.

* Clayton Smith will be taking care of some of Dinah’s dirty work when he shows up to play Hans on Wednesday, April the 16th.

* Mark Schlereth will returns to the role of Roc Hoover on Monday, March the 24th.

* Ken Arnold and Charlie Hendricks will be appearing as federal agents on Wednesday, March the 26th.

* Wesley Ramsey will be returning as Sam Spencer on Friday, April the 4th and Monday, April the 7th.

* Olivia Birkelund will appear as Phoebe on Tuesday, March the 11th.

* Carey Cromelin will return as the one and only Wanda on Monday, March the 3rd.

* Carter Niles will be making Jonathan angry when he makes an appearance as Mr. Francis on Wednesday, March the 5th.

* Real life CBS reporter Brenda Waters of KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, will be playing herself on Thursday, March the 6th.

* Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus Aitoro) has announced that he will be leaving the show when his contract expires.

Friday, August 1st, 2008


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