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This is a complete list of past comings and goings, or ‘ins and outs’ for Guiding Light. This is updated on a regular basis to ensure our readers have first hand news! Enjoy!

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* Jim Davidson will be returning to the role of Alonzo on Wednesday, October the 31st.

* Joseph Mckenna scares Cassie on Halloween.

* Stephanie Gatschet will make another appearance as Tammy on October the 24th.

* George Alvarez will be returning for an appearance as Father Ray on Wednesday, October the

* Vanessa Simmons will return as Lola on October 22nd.

* Daisy will be getting some advice from Nurse Laura when Kelly Deadmon arrives on set to play the part for the show on Thursday, October the 11th.

* Olivia Dicopoulos will be taking on the role of Maureen Chamberlain Reardon. Her first air date has been set to be October the 16th.

* Josh Behlmann will take on the role of Jack Summers. His arrival in Springfield will bring up the ghosts in Ashlee’s past. His air dates are Friday, September the 14th and Monday, September 17th.

* Donna Mitchell will stroll into town as as Leona, someone familiar with Cyrus’ mischievous ways, on Wednesday, September the 5th.

* The part of Mike the bartender will be played by Christian Felix.

* Danny Johnson will be making a return appearance as Dr. Belford on Monday, August the 27th. He’ll be taking another look at Dinah.

* Jennifer Hughes and Mark Elliot Wilson will appear as Samantha and Mitchon Wednesday, August the 29th.

* Brendan Griffin will be going on a a blind date with Marina when he appears as Joe on Thursday, August the 30th.

* David Andrew MacDonald will be returning to the role of Edmund Winslow soon. The date for his first appearance will be Wednesday October 24th. His return is expected to last for at least one month and kept open afterward.

* Omen star Seamus Davey Fitzpatrick will take on the role of Will Winslow beginning on October the 24th.

* Daniel Cosgrove will return as Bill Lewis early this November. * Darnell Williams will be returning to Spingfield in the role of Griggs on August the 21st. * Vanessa Simmons will arrive in town as Lola on August the 21st. * Mark Schlereth will be making a return appearance as Detective Roc Hoover on Monday, August the 13th. * Brunnnemer Hall will be getting taught a lesson by Billy when he appears as Jake on Tuesday, August the 7th and Wednesday, August the 8th. * Returning to the role of Farley, Peter McRobbie will be making an offer to Lizzie on Tuesday, August the 7th. * Carey Cromelin will return to TV screens in the role of Wanda on Wednesday, August the 8th. * Rick gets worried after a conversation with Dr. Spelling (played by Michael Zlabinger) on Tuesday, July the 23rd. * Kim Sykes will be appearing as Stacy, a woman who makes Dinah's life a little more difficult, on Monday, July the 16th and Tuesday, July the 17th. * On July the 17th, look for Graham Outerbridge in the role of Stuart. He'll be showing an interest in Ashlee. Will it make Coop jealous, or just make Doris happy? * Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall) is expected to return for a brief stint in Springfield between July the 31st and August the 2nd. * Carey Cromelin will be making a return appearance as Wanda on Thursday, July the 5th.

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007


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