Reva Shayne (as played by Kim Zimmer on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Reva Shayne

* Titled herself the 'Slut of Springfield.'
* Presumed dead from 1990-1995.
* Attempted to smother her son Shayne.
* Car theft.
* Kidnapped Annie Dutton.
* Married to Jeffrey O'Neill

Who's played Reva Shayne over the years?

Kim Zimmer (November 1983 - Present)

Past History

Reva grew up in Tulsa as the daughter of the Lewis' house keeper. She was the sweetheart of Josh, but married his brother Billy when he left for college. Divorce eight years later, she would have likely vanished had Alan Spaulding not hired her to come to Springfield to break up Billy and Vanessa. She turned on Alan and fell in love with Josh again. They were quickly engaged but he left her when he discovered her treachery. In revenge, she married his father (HB), driving a disgusted Josh to almost kill himself in a car accident. She nursed him back to health and began an affair with her new son-in-law. However, finding she was pregnant with HB's child, they ended the relationship and he left the country. Marital bliss didn't last, particularly after losing the baby, and she began an affair with HB's other supposed son Kyle Sampson. She finally got a divorce from HB so she could marry Kyle, but he and Kyle's mother Sally helped to subvert this relationship by bringing his ex-lover Maeve to town. When Kyle and Maeve wed, Reva attempted suicide by jumping off a bridge. She was rescued by Cain Harris who she invited home; unfortunately, he turned out to be a murderer and went insane, almost killing her. Kyle managed to rescue her and they reunited. She literally ran away from him at the altar, only to be hit by a car that was pursuing Josh. The pair reunited until he discovered that she was carrying Kyle's baby and left again for Venezuela. After having the baby, she became involved with Alan as Josh returned to town with his wife Sonni. Alan dumped Reva for Vanessa and she tried to go back with Josh after he discovered that Sonni was having an affair with his best friend Will. After Josh rescued her from Sonni's attempt on her life, she discovered that Marah really was his daughter and they reunited and married again. Soon, she managed to reunite with the son she'd had with Billy and had given up at the age of sixteen, Dylan. Quickly, she had another son, Shayne, and suffered from a severe postpartum depression. Her behavior became increasingly strange and Josh took her to Florida to relax. Once there, she drove her car off a bridge. She was presumed dead, but Josh looked for her for years before moving on.

Reva awoke with amnesia in an Amish community. She called herself Rebecca and met Buzz Cooper one day. He became obsessed with her. She also ran over Alan and nursed him back to health. They fell in love and she regained her memory when he rescued her from drowning. At her behest, they returned to Springfield where Josh had a restraining order placed on her when she began stalking the children. With Alan's help, she regained custody and then, after a few close moments with Josh, abruptly married Buzz Cooper, angering both Josh and Alan. She couldn't fully commit to the marriage because of her feelings for Josh and it soon ended. To get Josh back, she had to take on his wife Annie who, in turn, faked her own miscarriage to charge Reva for the baby's death. The truth came out and she remarried Josh. When HB died, she inherited most of Lewis Oil and began searching for her lost sister, discovering that she was Spaulding spy Cassie Layne. Unfortunately, Annie returned and abducted Reva, leaving her in an abandoned airplane to plummet to her death. She survived the crash however and washed up on a desert island. She lived there for some time with the hermetic Sean before returning to Springfield to discover her clone living with Josh. Soon abducted by the clone, she did everything she could to out-maneuver her and seduce Josh back. Once she got him back, out of pity she tried to make some life for the clone, but couldn't stop her from doing what she fails so often to do, successfully commit suicide.

Unfortunately, Annie Dutton soon returned, in the guise of Teri DeMarco, and set about destroying their lives through mind control drugs and blackmail. The stress sent Annie into mental collapse and led Reva straight to Holly after she had kidnapped the town's children. She became a hero and she and Josh were together again. To celebrate, they went traveling to discover what she'd been doing all of those years she'd had amnesia. After undergoing hypnosis to remember where she'd been, they traveled to San Cristobel. To their shock, Josh was arrested and she was brought to the palace where it was revealed that she was the wife of Prince Richard and they'd had a son. He thought she'd run away and the son was lost. She decided to stay and help him search. During that time, he helped her remember the life they'd had and she could feel her love for him return. Gradually, she remembered what had happened to her son, she'd given him to Olivia to protect when Edmund threatened to kill him. When her life was in danger from Edmund, Josh rescued her. They returned to Springfield and Richard followed, quickly pulling her back into the relationship and alienating Josh. She and Richard tracked down Jonathan, but decided that he was better off without her. They split up and she went back after Josh, who had moved on with Olivia. She decided to better her life by getting an education and spending more time with her children. She became involved with shady doctor Noah Chase and developed a career as a reporter. Noah turned out to be a government agent sent in to crack down on illegal immigrants. She proposed to him and the happy couple joined Richard to fight in San Cristobel against Edmund. In the fighting, she went blind and Noah became jealous of her bond with Josh. As her sight came back, she pretended to be blind so she could spy on Olivia. Despite discovering her corruptions, Josh would still not leave her.

Putting this behind her, she began to develop a sixth sense and found herself traveling back in time to Civil War era New Orleans. While she rambled about time travel, Josh put her in therapy and Olivia wanted her committed. Josh came to believe her however and they traveled to Edwardian England and Europe during the Second World War, where they discovered that the Spauldings had been Nazi sympathizers and used this to blackmail Alan when he tried to take over Lewis. After saving the company, she married Josh again. Unfortunately, former love Richard was in a car wreck and she took him off life support at his pleading. This alienated her from the family and put her on trial for murder. She was condemned, but pardoned by the governor. Making up with her family, she began being stalked. While the blame fell on several suspects, she used her psychic powers to learn it was Alex. Things started to slide at home where Josh's obsessions with Shayne and her psychic talk show continually intruded. She grew distant and became obsessed with Sandy, who she believed to be her son. This was interrupted by the Caruthers affair and, were it not for her psychic powers, Marah or Josh would likely have been sent to prison for murder. When Sandy was struck by a car and needed an organ transplant, she discovered that she was a match but she wasn't his mother. It soon came out that sleazy JB was her real son and he'd come to town for revenge. They grew close over time and fought off the demons of their past together.

Entering menopause, she became depressed and started working in a bar where she became involved with Nate, who turned out to be the psychotic foster father of Jonathan. After Josh killed Nate in a heist/kidnapping gone wrong, the couple hit hard times again and Josh turned to Olivia. The couple came closer after a car accident, but continued to drift toward divorce. However, at the point of signing the papers, they decided to marry again. He was soon busy with a new project and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Reluctant to accept it at first, she finally had no choice but refused to confide in anyone save Jonathan and Billy. Wanting to shield Josh from her demise, she pushed him toward Cassie and out of her life. Finally, she threw a big goodbye party to announce her departure with Billy. However, when she was set to commit suicide in a fiery road crash, Billy fell off the wagon and she returned to help him. She collapsed and everyone discovered what she had been hiding. Making a miraculous recovery, she set out to defend her son and new grand-daughter from Alan.

Flings and Relationships

John MacGregor (dated - deceased)
Floyd Parker (dated while she was impersonating Anita)
Joshua_Lewis (affair)
David Preston (dated - deceased)
Kyle Sampson (lovers)
Fletcher Reade (dated)
Alan_Spaulding (lovers)
Noah Chase (engaged)
Jeffery O'Neill(lovers)


Hawk Shayne (father)
Sarah O'Neal Shayne (mother - deceased)
Russell "Rusty" Shayne (brother)
Roxanne "Roxie" Shayne (sister)
Cassandra_Cassie_Winslow (half-sister)
Tammy_Winslow (niece)
Susan_Daisy_Lemay (granddaughter)
Sarah Randall (granddaughter)
Roger Joshua Winslow (nephew)
William Winslow (nephew)
June O'Neal (aunt - deceased)
Rose McLaren Shayne (sister-in-law - deceased)
Richard Winslow (brother-in-law - deceased)


Dylan Shayne Lewis (with Billy Lewis II)
Unnamed miscarried child (with H.B.)
Marah Lewis (with Joshua)
Shayne Lewis (with Joshua)
Jonathan_JB_Randall (with Prince Richard)


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