Phillip Granville Spaulding (as played by Grant Aleksander on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Phillip Granville Spaulding

Born in April 1969 (Revised to 1965 in 1983 and then to 1961)

Who's played Phillip Granville Spaulding over the years?

Jarrod Ross (November 7, 1977 to December 24, 1981)
Grant Aleksander (December 22, 1982 to December 28, 1984, December 1986 to February 18, 1991, March 8, 1996 to November 12, 2004; January 2009 to Present)
John Bolger (January 11, 1985 to November 1986)

Past History

While his parents, Alan and Elizabeth, were divorcing in 1978, Phillip began treatment with Dr. Justin Marler for his chest pains. His newly divorced mother married Justin the following year and his father married Justin's ex wife, Jackie. By the next year, Justin and Jackie would reunite and, soon, Phillip was left in their care while Elizabeth left Springfield for Switzerland. He was sent to attend Lincoln Prep School but thrown out at the age of 17. He returned to town in 1982 for high school and quickly befriended Rick Bauer. Not much later, Phillip met Melinda "Mindy" Sue Lewis, and fell in love with her. This was short lived. After she was in a horse riding accident, he would visit her in the hospital and quickly developed feelings for her roommate, Beth Raines. Since Rick was also attracted to Beth, Phillip stayed away and stuck it out with Mindy. On the night of Mindy's 18th birthday party, Phillip and Beth finally confessed their feelings for each other. The moment was interrupted when Beth's stepfather, Bradley, found them and told Phillip that Alan and Elizabeth weren't his real parents -- the Marlers were. This made him furious at his biological parents, adopted parents and at Mindy and Rick, who knew about this before he did. In anger, he revealed his feelings for Beth to Rick and lashed out at his fathers. When Justin was leaving town, however, Phillip tracked him down to offer his forgiveness.

Beth was raped by her stepfather Bradley and, traumatized, rejected Phillip's advances. He quickly turned to Mindy and she took him to bed without using birth control. He couldn't stay away from Beth though. When Bradley went after her, she and Phillip ran away to New York. They ended up around Central Park and broke. Beth drew sketches for money and they ran into a sidewalk Santa Claus who offered them help. He brought them to a special place where he often brought the homeless. With his help, Beth opened up to Phillip about the rape and he vowed to protect her. Mindy and Rick arrived and they all took odd jobs to survive. In January 1984, Bradley began stalking them around the city so they dressed as clowns to hide. When their disguises slipped, Bradley chased Phillip and almost fell off a cliff. Beth and Phillip saved him and warned him to back off. Phillip and Beth returned to Springfield only to discover that Alan had hired Bradley to work for him.

Other complications soon arose. Beth began to tutor Lujack, a local gang leader, and their relationship ignited the jealousy of Phillip. All the while, Mindy was hiding the fact that she was pregnant with Phillip's child and attempted to pass it off as Rick's. When Billy found out, he ran off to confront her, at Phillip and Beth's wedding no less. When Beth heard this, she gave the groom a slap and called the wedding off. Phillip promptly married Mindy and just as quickly divorced her when she had a miscarriage. When he went back after Beth, she had already taken up with Lujack. He hired Andy Ferris to sabotage Lujack's club and Beth wound up blind following the explosion he triggered. Feeling guilty, Phillip sent her to a school for the blind. His secret involvement in the accident wasn't safe either. India Von Halkein soon learned of it and used it to blackmail him into marriage. When he refused to sleep with her, she told Beth the truth. Beth pushed Phillip further away and became engaged to Lujack. To put a damper on things, Phillip told her that India was pregnant, which she wasn't. Ruining things even more for Beth, Lujack dug up the evidence that Phillip was responsible for her blinding, but the man Phillip hired for the task was soon found dead. Lujack was blamed and sent to jail. Phillip came clean but the Springfield PD didn't believe him so he and Beth had to track down the killer themselves. Though they suspected it was India, it turned out to be another man, who kidnapped India and forced her to sign a false confession. With Lujack free for Beth and India back for him, Phillip was finally compelled to consummate their marriage, and without the use of the dangerous aphrodisiacs she was prone to drugging him with. It wasn't long before India had an affair and Phillip discovered her.

After Lujack died, Phillip wrote a novel about his love for Beth but, once again, things didn't work out. She was working with the malevolent Professor Blackburn who, in a a bid to get India's gold, knocked her out, shot Phillip and dragged Beth out to die in Stony Lake. After Beth vanished, Phillip assumed the worst and began an affair with Chelsea Reardon. Together, they investigated the black art market and battled with Warren Andrews and other underworld figures. But, in spite of the bond this created, Chelsea was always disturbed by Phillip's lingering obsession with Beth. There relationship hit more problems when she began working for Alan and he became obsessed with taking over the company. When he discovered that she was going to alert Alan to his plot, Phillip took her hostage, a choice which doomed their relationship.

Phillip abruptly turned around and had an affair with Rick's girlfriend, Meredith, and got her pregnant before moving on to sleeping with his PR agent, Blake. When he discovered that she was one of Alan's spies, and the daughter of Roger Thorpe, Phillip dumped her... for awhile. By the time they got back together, Meredith lost her child in birth. Soon after, Rick learned that Phillip was actually the father. Although this created a rift between them, it didn't stop Phillip from pushing on to marry Blake. Neither her supposedly dead father, nor Alan were thrilled with this development. When Roger and Alan battled to stop the wedding, Phillip was accidentally shot. Alan let Roger take the fall. In retaliation, Roger joined with Phillip to expose Alan's recent crimes. On his way to prison, Alan finally let out another secret: Beth might still be alive. Phillip became obsessed with this, much to Blake's consternation. He even doled out millions in ransom to supposed kidnappers without any luck. Blake, however, learned that Beth was living nearby, mute and amnesiac. When Phillip had Beth's grave exhumed, it was the last straw for Blake and she had him committed. After he had a psychotic outburst, she conspired with his doctor, Neil, to keep him inside the institution while they took over his assets. Unfortunately, while in therapy with Niel, Beth had another breakdown and ended up in the same sanitarium as Phillip. With Rick's help, he was released. He then put Blake under surveillance and used this to track Neil's plan to marry Beth. He crashed the ceremony and took her away. While he tried to blacken Neil's name, Neil used the chance to finally break Beth out of her illness. She remembered killing Professor Blackburn and her speech returned.

Phillip then asked for a divorce from Blake but she refused. She and Neil discovered that Beth was pregnant with Phillip's child and tried to convince everyone that the child was actually Neil's. Beth soon found evidence to the contrary, but Neil refused to give up. He knocked Phillip out and left him for dead beside a bomb. Blake, Roger and others soon entered the scene and, after some fighting, Phillip ended up leaving but Neil was left behind to die. Only a tape of Neil saying Phillip's name survived and led to Phillip being arrested for murder. He promptly faked his own death and ran down to Capria, enlisting India's help. He returned to town and Gary tried to have him killed. This failed and Gary was arrested. Phillip reunited with Beth and their daughter, Lizzie. They were sentenced to community service for fraud and, in 1991, the family left town for Arizona.

In 1996, Alex called him to ask him to attend Alan-Michael's wedding to Lucy Cooper. He returned in secret, digging for clues that implicated "A. Spaulding" in the mess that had forced him out of town. He made a surprise return at the wedding, much to the annoyance of his family. Beth left him, unable to cope with his obsessions and Alan-Michael tried to prevent Phillip's return to the company, blackening his name to the board. It was then that he discovered Alan-Michael had been destroying his life for years. He joined forces with Alan to battle him, but then learned, after Alan was committed to hospitable, that he was actually responsible. Alan-Michael then joined forces with him and they were ready to abandon Alan and leave for New York. Seeing Alan, now paralyzed, was too much for Phillip though. Teaming up with Amanda, they worked to push Alan to recover. He did, but then Amanda doubled crossed him with Roger and tries to take over Spaulding.

Outside of the family chaos, he met Harley Cooper while she was disguised as a woman named Starla. They quickly fell into a relationship. They tried to stay friends, but, after he saved her from Annie Dutton during one of her psychotic outbursts, he has to admit that he was falling for her. Unfortunately for Harley, Beth then returned, determined to get Phillip back. When he pushed her away, she tried to make him jealous by dating Ben Warren. Seeing how jealous he was, Harley felt insecure so he asked her to move in with him. Beth continued to loom large and antagonize the couple until Harley finally broke down and attacked her. Soon after, Beth attempted suicide. Phillip asked her back to the mansion so that she could be looked after. A paranoid Harley began investigating Beth's life in Arizona, which only alienated Phillip. When she tried to trap Beth's former boyfriend, Carl, in town, he wound up dead and Beth was prime suspect. Phillip did all he could to protect Beth and his investigations with Harley eventually uncovered that Lizzie had killed Carl. After suppressing this, Harley and Phillip eloped to New York. Things became complicated for the newlyweds when Harley's daughter, Daisy, entered the scene and made problems for them. Her father, Jim, soon entered the fray as well. Harley gave birth to a son, Zach, named after the protagonist on Phillip's novel.

After a visit to San Cristobel, Phillip was in a plane crash with Beth and Jim. After Jim left to seek help, Beth and Phillip made love for comfort. Although they decided to keep this secret after they were rescued, she ended up pregnant. They kept this a secret and she married Jim. Edmund discovered their secret and began blackmailing them. Things were compounded by Lizzie being diagnosed with leukemia. In the stress of seeking for a donor for Lizzie, the truth about the baby's paternity came out and Harley divorced Phillip. Turning his attention to Beth, he became embroiled in the power struggle between Richard and Edmund on San Cristobel, even spending some time in prison before returning to Springfield to see a pregnant Harley. He assumed the child was his but it ended up being Rick's. Amid the chaos, Beth ran off to Mexico and was supposedly killed in a flood, though she soon returned with a rather different personality. After some digging, he learned that she was Lorelei Hills. After she became ill, he helped nurse her and she began insisting that she was actually Beth. It took too long for him to believe her because she left with Edmund before he could be convinced. He chased after her and ended up trapped in a mine. She rescued him and they were reunited.

This was a far from smooth reunion, however. Both of them had become fractured personalities and she worried about his overprotective attitude to his children with Harley. Making things worse, her diary, as Lorelie, was published. She tried to escape from the upheaval in the family and ran to Bill Lewis' arms, where Phillip soon found her. Returning home, Olivia told him that it was Alan who had the book published. In revenge, he and Olivia made out, giving Alan a heart attack when he caught them. The three of them entered a complex web of deceit. Though she married Alan, she still lusted for Phillip and Alex got involved, blackmailing Olivia. Once it turned out that Alan's heart attack was faked, Phillip and Olivia ended their flirtation and became lovers, but Alan quickly stole her back. Now alienated, Phillip wished to get away but couldn't. Olivia was pregnant with his child and Alan was becoming unhinged at Spaulding. Making things worse, Alan's newfound son, Gus Aitoro, threatened his position in the company and Alex continued to get between Olivia and Phillip. Lack of tryst doomed the relationship and pushed him to deal with Lizzie's growing mental problems. When Lizzie tried to force Olivia to miscarry, Phillip became convinced that he was a horrible father and his fragile mental state continued to deteriorate. Although he spent some time at the hospital, he refused further treatment and began stalking a pregnant woman who believed was Olivia. After he attacked her, the family staged an intervention but he was too far gone and committed to a mental institution.

For a time, he became much worse, even attempting to kill Olivia after she told him their daughter was dead. When there were some signs of recovery, Olivia brought a minister to the asylum to marry them. This gave her a firm hold on Spaulding and over his treatment. Once she confessed that their daughter was actually alive, he began to plot his revenge. To get out of the asylum, he underwent ECT therapy before finally being released outside again. After attempting to frame her for drug dealing, he blackmailed Olivia out of the marriage, cutting off her bank accounts, her shares in Spaulding and publicly humiliating her. Following this, the Antimonious scandal broke and Phillip feeling the family threatened, blamed the Coopers and sought revenge. He set out to take over the town, buying up land to transform it into his version of Springfield. When this was foiled by the discovery of an endangered bird on the property, he had Harley's house destroyed and became more paranoid. And for good reason since Harley had disguised herself as his secretary to spy on him and had been subverting him for months. Disgusted, he decided to round up all of his children and run out of town. After abducting them all, he agreed to meet with the other parents at Company. During these meetings, he was shot. Harley was arrested for it and convicted, though it turned out to be Alan who pulled the trigger. It was soon revealed that Alan did this to stop his son's delusional behavior from causing further problems. Alan also revealed that his son was alive, though no one believed him.

Flings and Relationships

Melinda Sue "Mindy" Lewis (lovers)
Elizabeth "Beth" Raines Bauer (engaged)
Muffy Baxter (dated)
Liz Atherton (affair)
Chelsea Reardon (engaged)
Meredith Reade (one-night stand)
India von Halkein (dated)
Fran Richkin (dated)
Harley Davidson Cooper (lovers)
Elizabeth "Beth" Raines Bauer(one-night stand)
Olivia Spencer (lovers)


Justin Marler (Biological Father)
Jacqueline "Jackie" Scott Marler (Biological Mother; Deceased)
Alan Spaulding (Adoptive Father)
Elizabeth Granville Spaulding (Adoptive Mother)
Samantha Marler (Sister)
Gus Aitoro (Adoptive half-brother; deceased)
Alan-Michael Spaulding (Adoptive Half-Brother)
Peyton Raines (Adoptive Half-sister)
Dr. Emmet Scott (Biological maternal Grandfather; Deceased)
Evelyn (maiden name unknown) Scott (Biological maternal grandmother; deceased)
Emily (maiden name unknown) Marler (Biological paternal Grandmother; Deceased)
Brandon Spaulding (Adopted paternal Grandfather Deceased)
Penelope Winthrop Spaulding (Adopted paternal Grandmother; Deceased)
Sarah Randall (Granddaughter)
Rafael "Rafe" Rivera (Nephew)
Ross Marler (Uncle; deceased)
Lainie Marler Bowden(Aunt)
Alexandra Spaulding (Aunt)
Amanda Wexler Spaulding (Aunt)
Victoria Tamerlaine Spaulding (Aunt)
Ben Warren (Half-Uncle; deceased)
Dinah Marler (Cousin)
Nick McHenry Spaulding (Cousin)
Vicky Brandon Spaulding (Cousin)
Brandon "Lujack" Luvonaczek (Cousin Deceased)
Jason Frederick Marler (Cousin)
Kevin Ross Marler (Cousin)
Clarissa Marler (Cousin)


Girl (with Mindy; miscarried)
Son (with Meredith Reade Bauer; stillborn)
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding (with Beth)
Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (with Harley)
James Spaulding (with Beth)
Emma Spencer Spaulding (with Olivia)


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