Olivia Spencer (as played by Crystal Chappell on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Olivia Spencer

* Lives at The Beacon.
* Published the diary of Beth's alternate personality so that she could destroy her marriage.

Who's played Olivia Spencer over the years?

Crystal Chappell (July 1999 - Present)

Past History

Olivia had a stormy relationship with Prince Richard on San Cristobel, thanks largely to his love for the amnesiac Reva. In spite of saving Reva and her son's lives, the two never got along and Olivia soon had to go into hiding when Edmund's murderous plots began to implicate her. Richard abandoned the island to pursue Reva and Olivia followed, coincidentally hooking up with Reva's ex-husband Josh in the process. The two became a couple, eventually marrying, and she began to work for him. This wasn't easy however because Josh's daughter Marah continually tried to sabotage the relationship. Desperate to keep Josh impressed, she got involved in 'the harbor project' with many of the more notorious characters from San Cristobel and the mafia. She had to go to Alan for help and this quickly led to an affair and charges of insider trading, which destroyed her relationship with Josh.

As she and Alan became closer, her eyes wandered to his son Phillip and she set out to destroy his relationship with Beth. Alan proved more resourceful (faking heart attacks, letters and birth control) in attempts to keep her under control. However, she eventually drugged him and left him for dead on an island. This proved to be the end for them. After they divorced, she and Phillip got together and she became the target of his daughter's hatred (which included attempts to make her miscarry). While her new husband began losing his mind, she began trying to take over Spaulding with the help of Bill Lewis. This, and her affair with Bill, destroyed this third marriage. She and Phillip began a violent custody battle which ended with him 'dead' and Olivia accused of his murder. When she tried to salvage a relationship with Bill amidst murder charges, Alan continued to fight her over Emma's space in the family, even threatening to set her up for Phillip's death if she didn't help him frame Harley. As things escalated, she began blackmailing the Lewis family and abducted Gus before finally disappearing with Emma. All of these things strained her marriage to the breaking point and Bill left a sad and lonely Olivia to befriend the Coopers.

Reluctantly, she got involved with both Buzz and Frank, unbeknownst to either for a long time. Finally, she settled on Buzz who has been her support ever since. This has been especially important in recent months when she suffered a mental breakdown after Ava Peralta accidentally poisoned little Emma. This led to several attempts on Ava's life before the fact came out that Ava was actually the daughter she had given up after being date raped as a teenager by Jeffrey O'Neil.

Flings and Relationships

Richard Winslow (engaged - deceased)
Wes (dated)
Joshua_Lewis (lovers)
Alan_Spaulding (affair)
Michael Masterson (dated platonically)
Phillip Spaulding (lovers)
Frank_Cooper_Jr (lovers)
Frank_Buzz_Cooper_Sr (lovers)


Gregory Spencer (father - deceased)
Rebecca Spencer (mother - deceased)
Marissa Spencer Randall (sister - deceased)
Sam Spencer (brother)
Jonathan_JB_Randall (adopted nephew)
Sarah Randall (adopted great-niece)
Alfred Randall (brother-in-law - deceased)


Ava_Peralta(with Jeffrey O'Neill)
Emma Spencer Lewis (with Phillip, adopted by Bill)


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