Natalia Rivera Aitoro (as played by Jessica Leccia on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Natalia Rivera Aitoro

* First love of Gus' life.
* Married to Gus Aitoro.

Who's played Natalia Rivera Aitoro over the years?

Jessica Leccia (April 27th, 2007)

Past History

The mysterious Natalia has a buried history with Gus, the first love of her life. She has been brought back into his life by Daisy in a bid to break up Harley and Gus. When she came to Springfield, she tried to stay aloof and keep Gus from immediately discovering that they had a son. After she lost her job in Chicago and Rafe was arrested, she moved to Springfield and began working at Company. Her presence and her past with Gus made Harley uncomfortable and added tension to the Gus-Harley marriage. When it was finally revealed that Rafe was Gus' son, he became more involved in both of their lives and her longing for their old romance started to come out into the open. Although she tried to keep her distance and started up a relationship with Remy, she and Gus continued to spend time together. Alan drew her and her son into his life as extensions of his family and tried to use her to break Harley and his son up. Finally, after he mistakenly believed that Harley was cheating on him, he and Natalia had a one-night stand. As his marriage began falling apart, she made it clear that she would be available for him.

Flings and Relationships

Gus Aitoro (lovers)
Remy Boudreau (dated)


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