Melissande “Mel” Boudreau Bauer (as played by Yvonna Kopacz Wright on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Melissande “Mel” Boudreau Bauer

* Graduated from John Hopkins Medical School as valedictorian.
* Kept it secret that Jeffrey slept with Cassie while imitating Richard.
* Currently divorcing Rick Bauer.

Who's played Melissande “Mel” Boudreau Bauer over the years?

Yvonna Wright (September 2001 - Present)

Past History

Mel came to work at Cedars hospital shortly after graduating medical school. She soon developed a relationship with her supervisor Rick Bauer after he protected her from an abusive ex-boyfriend. Their relationship took some time to develop due to his involvement with Harley and their son. When she finally went with Gus, Rick and Mel began dating, despite protests from her family. Their heavy work loads added stress to the relationship, but she proposed to him after their first night together. He happily accepted, but almost died during their engagement from a heart disease. In order to get him a heart transplant, she covered up for the possible murder of Richard Winslow so that she could take his heart. She was severely disciplined by the hospital administration until it came out that Reva pulled the plug on Richard. This combined with a little medical heroism (saving Eden August's life) led to her return to Cedars. Nursing Rick back to health brought them closer as did the announcement of her pregnancy, but she surprised everyone around her by announcing that she would now return to law school. With her new career, she devoted much of her energy to charity work and competition with Jeffrey O'Neil. She soon gave birth to Leah and found herself a helpful ally and confidant to the Cooper family, but, despite her growing place in Rick's life, the death of his best friend Phillip left him cold and distant. He soon looked to Phillip's wife Beth for support and this, combined with other deceptions and his involvement in Ross' death, further strained things. While the couple tried to sustain the relationship for the sake of Leah, she found herself unable to trust him anymore. The marriage collapsed completely when Jonathan announced that Beth and Rick were having an affair. She left him and the hospital, deciding to open a new law firm with Jeffrey.

Flings and Relationships



Clayton Boudreau (father)
Felicia Boudreau (mother)
Remy_Boudreau (brother)
Ed Bauer (father-in-law)
Michelle Bauer Santos (sister-in-law)
Jude Cooper Bauer (stepson)


Leah_Boudreau_Bauer (with Rick)


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