Marina Cooper (as played by Mandy Bruno on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Marina Cooper

* Gave the million dollars she inherited from former lover Ben Reade to Harley's Angels.
* Youngest detective in Springfield PD history.
* Lives with Remy.
* Star of The Law.

Who's played Marina Cooper over the years?

Mandy Bruno (May 2004 - Present)
Kit Paquin (April 2004)
Aubrey Dollar ( January 2002 - March 2004)
Sasha Martin (1996 - 1999)
Alysa Zucker (December 1995 - 1996)
Casey Rosenhaus (1993 - November 1995)

Past History

The plucky Marina Cooper was fortunate to have a loving family while she went through her troubled childhood. While still young, she was kidnapped by Holly Reade and then went through her parent's break up. She moved to California with her mother, but ran away to Springfield after being expelled from school. She persisted in her mischievous ways; befriending criminals, falsely accusing Gus of sex with a minor and stealing cars until more serious things came her way. This would include unlucky affairs with a serial killer, a mobster caring for his sick wife and her mother's ex-husband. While her choices in love have been a strain on her relationship with her father, she managed to make him proud when she joined the Springfield PD and has become one of its most promising detectives. Still, she maintains the exuberance that had led her to desire a career in show business while she tries to find a more settled life.

Flings and Relationships

Ben Reade (dated - deceased)
Christopher (dated)
Shayne Lewis (lovers)
Danny Santos (dated)
Alan-Michael_Spaulding (lovers)


Frank_Cooper_Jr (Father)
Eleni Andros Cooper (Mother)
Frank_Buzz_Cooper_Sr (Paternal Grandfather)
Nadine Cooper (Paternal grandmother - deceased)
Marina Andros (Maternal great-grandmother)
Harley_Davidson_Cooper_Aitoro (Aunt)
Lucille Cooper Spaulding (Aunt)
Henry_Coop_Bradshaw (Uncle)
Ian Stavros "Rocky" Cooper (Uncle)
Stavros Kouperakis (Great-Great Uncle)
Ari Andros (Uncle)
Jori Andros (Uncle)
Susan_Daisy_Lemay (cousin)
Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (cousin)
Jude Cooper Bauer (nephew) (cousin)




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