Lillian Raines (as played by Tina Sloan on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Lillian Raines

* Covered for Ed Bauer's disconnection of Eve Guthrie's life support.
* Lives at the Spaulding Estate.

Who's played Lillian Raines over the years?

Tina Sloan (May 1983 - Present)

Past History

Lillian had a rough time raising her daughter Beth after her father died in Vietnam. She had the misfortune of marrying Bradley Raines, an abusive and controlling man who tore the family apart. Eventually, mother and daughter would be able to escape him when he was arrested and placed in a psychiatric hospital. During this debacle, she found comfort in the arms of Det. Jeff Saunders while her daughter and sister engaged in various illegal acts. This would hit its peak when a kidnapped Beth was believed to have been murdered. Hawk Shayne helped her through this ordeal and, though he proposed, she declined for she believed that he should go back to his wife. Her past came back soon after when Bradley was released from confinement and confessed to her that Beth was alive. After Phillip found her daughter, they left town, leaving Lillian alone. Soon, she befriended Ed Bauer who helped her through her fight with breast cancer. Although he was married, they fell in love and had an affair. When his wife discovered it, she was so distraught that she got in a car accident. Lillian blamed herself and began living a solitary life only to be reluctantly pulled into the many scandals of the Spaulding family once Beth returned. She has always managed to be loving and supportive to her troubled daughter and granddaughter Lizzie, providing them with a balance and grace that they sorely need.

Flings and Relationships

Mike Bauer (dated once, danced with and kissed)
Lt. Jeff Saunders (lovers)
Louie Darnell (dated)
Hawk Shayne (engaged)
Ed Bauer (affair)


Calla Matthews (sister)
Elizabeth_Lizzie_Spaulding (granddaughter)
James Spaulding (grandson)
Sarah Randall (great-granddaughter)
Jessie Matthews Hall (niece)
Brandon Hall (great-nephew)
Jim Lemay (son-in-law - deceased)
Alan_Spaulding (son-in-law)



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