Jeffery O’Neill (as played by Bradley Thomas Cole on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Jeffery O’Neill

* Lives at the Beacon.
* Singer in a band.
* Had plastic surgery to look like Richard Winslow.
* Married to Reva Shayne.

Who's played Jeffery O’Neill over the years?

Bradley Thomas Cole (2003 - present)

Past History

Jeffrey arrived in Springfield as the new DA and brought with him many secrets of his own. While trying to solve the serial slayings that had afflicted the town, he quickly began a string of affairs. The first of these was with Beth Spaulding, who was not appreciative of his carefree ways. This relationship led him into the nefarious circuits of Spaulding Enterprises and the Antimonius drug ring as well as the Maryanne and Carrie Caruthers debacle. He recruited Gus to infiltrate the drug ring while trying to sort out the lies and collusion around the Caruthers case. During this time, he also entered into an affair with the much younger and highly flirtatious Marah Lewis. This relationship compromised him because of her status as one of the primary suspects in the Caruthers case. Although he recused himself from the investigation, his involvement with her would almost cost him his job and led an investigation to reveal that he was a federal agent.

Finally, he got to do what he was sent to do, set up Danny Santos to infiltrate the mob and bring it, and Spaulding, down. After nabbing several dealers in a sting, he planned to leave town but stuck around to help Cassie Winslow, whose deceased husband he just happened to be a dead ringer for. When he discovered someone was impersonating her in Europe, he went to track them down and discovered that it was Dinah, who he had hired to impersonate Cassie while he impersonated her husband on San Cristobel. When she came back to town, things became violent and he only managed to keep both women out of jail by virtual blackmail. After a brief affair with Dinah, he threw her out for subverting his birth control. Meanwhile, his bond with Cassie grew through the troubling collapse of her relationship with Edmund and his attempts to control her. She exploited her relationship with Jeffrey to keep her daughter Tammy out of jail. He went so far as giving his job to Doris Wolfe to free her, but the relationship ended when she discovered that he had been the impersonator of her late husband Richard, even while they were married.

Trying to move on with his life, he ran for mayor against his sometime lover Blake Marler, but his campaign was haunted by the return of his CIA boss who continued to try and push him out. Battling him, and blackmailing Dinah to keep his secrets, he fought and lost the mayor's race at the last moment when his secrets were revealed by Blake (as the infamous blogger). What came out quickly after was a revelation even to him; not only had he raped Olivia Spencer while they were young, but she had given birth to a daughter, Ava Peralta. Thrown out of work and now a pariah, Jeffrey has been wallowing in self-pity but has tried to pull himself up, opening a law practice with Mel and trying to heal things with his daughter. He has become highly defensive of Ava, frequently running to her side and even attacking Alan-Michael in a bid to keep her away from the Spaulding family. Through his interventions in her life, he has become closer to Olivia and they have started to develop a more complex relationship.

Flings and Relationships



Ava_Peralta (with Olivia Spencer)


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