Grady Foley (as played by Kane Manera on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Grady Foley

* Accidentally killed Tammy Winslow after being hired to kill Jonathan Randall.
* Abducted and attempted to rape Ava after being hired by Olivia to scare her away.
* Alias: G, Gillespie

Who's played Grady Foley over the years?

Kane Manera (January 29 to February 7 2007, June 2 2008 -)

Past History

Grady arrived on the scene as Daisy's drug-addled, and much older, boyfriend "G" while she was at boarding school. He soon came to Springfield, hired by Olivia Spencer to try and eliminate Ava Peralta. Although he successfully abducted the young woman, when he attempted to rape her, she fought him off and escaped. He stayed in the shadows until Alan Spaulding hired him to take out Jonathan Randall. While attempting to run him down with his car, he accidentally ran down Tammy Winslow instead. He went into hiding but was soon brought out and nearly beaten to death in the old church by Remy. While he was in the hospital recuperating to await charges, Alan and Doris cut a deal to get rid of him in exchange for Alan marrying Doris. Grady was extradited to Australia where he faced other charges and was briefly incarcerated before returning to Springfield. Since returning, he has tracked down his old flame Daisy and also been reunited with his long-lost brother, Cyrus.

Flings and Relationships

Cyrus Foley (brother)


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