Frank Cooper Jr. (as played by Frank Dicopoulos on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Frank Cooper Jr.

* Kidnapped Brent Lawrence and forced him to leave town.
* Kept money that was stolen from Alexandra Spaulding.
* Worked as a car chopper.

Who's played Frank Cooper Jr. over the years?

Frank Dicopoulos (October 1987 - present)

Past History

A young Frank was left alone to raise his sister. He got involved in crime to support them, but was soon set straight by Ross Marler. He turned to detective work and was lucky enough to have inherited his grandfather's diner to keep himself afloat. His compassionate nature has had a habit of placing him at a disadvantage in dealing with women. He entered into a series of failed relationships with the pariahs of the community (Mindy Lewis, Dana Jones) before being played by Alan-Michael during his seduction of Frank's arranged bride, Eleni. He bought her a house, but destroyed it when he discovered that she had married Alan-Michael to get into the country. Eventually, she ran to Frank after discovering her husband's twisted manipulations. The couple had a daughter and worked through a difficult marriage as they fought over careers and a lack of money. Finally, after rescuing her when she was abducted in Greece, he decided to become a police officer.

What followed has been years of twisted case work in which numerous members of his family were raped and abducted. Combined with the stress of trying to bring down the local mob and the devious Annie Dutton's attempts to seduce him, his marriage succumbed and Marina and Eleni left him for the coast. His daughter would return to him several years later and the rambunctious teen gave him all sorts of trouble as would his equally troublesome sister. Harley's relationship with Gus was plagued by his involvements in crime. Frank's awkward attempts to subvert their relationship strained things in the family. He became involved with Darci, a former prostitute, and while investigating the links between Spaulding and the Antimonius drug ring, was framed for corruption by Alexandra and thrown off the force. Things got more heated as Darci skipped town and a devastated Frank went after Alan with a gun at the canceled wedding of Gus and Harley. As things quieted down, he began dating Olivia Spencer, unknowing that she was involved with his father, in another doomed relationship. While this almost tore the family apart, he eventually insisted that his father go with her.

Flings and Relationships

Melinda "Mindy" Sue Lewis (lovers)
Christina_Blake_Thorpe_Marler (lovers)
Dana Jones (engaged - deceased)
Mae Merisi/Mary Murto (dated)
Darci Matthews (engaged)
Olivia_Spencer_Lewis (lovers)
Theresa (date)


Buzz Cooper (father)
Nadine Cooper (mother - deceased)
Harley Cooper (sister)
Lucille "Lucy" Cooper (half sister)
Henry "Coop" Bradshaw (half-brother)
Ian Stavros "Rocky" Cooper (adopted half-brother)
Dante "Pops" Cooper (Kouperakis) (paternal grandfather - deceased)
Susan Lemay (niece)
Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (nephew)
Jude Cooper Bauer (nephew)
Stavros Kouperakis (great-uncle)
Jenna Bradshaw Cooper (stepmother - deceased)
Gus Aitoro (brother-in-law)


Marina Cooper (with Eleni)


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