Father Ray Santos (as played by George Alvarez on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Father Ray Santos

* Resides at the Church rectory.
* Sponsored Ed Bauer's free clinic.
* Works with the local orphanage.

Who's played Father Ray Santos over the years?

George Alvarez (March 1999 - Present)
Jaime Passer (February 1999)

Past History

Ray was born into the Santos crime family but managed to keep himself out of the family business. Choosing the priesthood still allowed him to stay close to his family and he remained their trusted confidant. This wasn't without a cost and Father Ray has had to struggle with his conscience on numerous occasions to stay true to his vows. He aided his cousin Danny and wife Michelle in their flight to San Cristobel to escape murder charges and became the moral adviser to his gangster brother Tony, becoming mixed up in his love affairs with Marah Lewis and Catalina Quesada. Always keeping his distance, Ray managed to steer his family on the right path more often than not.

Flings and Relationships



Frederico Santos (father - deceased)
Luz Santos (mother - deceased)
Tony Santos (brother - deceased)
Maria Santos (paternal grandmother)
Carmen Santos (aunt)
Danny Santos (cousin)
Pilar Santos (cousin)
Mick Santos (cousin - deceased)
Miguel Santos (uncle - deceased)
Robert Santos (first cousin)
Hope Santos (first cousin)
Catalina Quesada Santos (sister-in-law - deceased)




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