Elizabeth “Beth” Raines Bauer (as played by Beth Chamberlin on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Elizabeth “Beth” Raines Bauer

* Birthday: February 14, 1961.
* Married to Rick Bauer.
* Killed Professor Blackburn.

Who's played Elizabeth “Beth” Raines Bauer over the years?

Beth Chamberlin (October 1989 - Present)
Lisa Loughridge (Temporary replacement 1986)
Judi Evans (May 1983 - July 1986)

Past History

Beth came to Springfield with the deep wounds of abuse at the hands of her stepfather Bradley. When she ended up in the hospital, she met two of the men who would haunt her life - Phillip Spaulding and Rick Bauer. Unfortunately, Beth's stepfather would track her down and eventually raped her. Deeply traumatized, she ran away with Phillip only to be pursued. While Phillip successfully fought him off and they returned to town, Alan then hired Bradley to work at Spaulding in order to scare the Raines women away from his family. Alexandra fought him on this and encouraged Beth to charge her stepfather for rape. Once he was locked up, Beth was set to marry Phillip but left him at the altar when she discovered he was the father of Mindy Lewis' baby. The couple would later reunite amidst the turmoil of the Largo conspiracy in which Beth and Lujack were almost killed. This was not to last however and she was soon abducted and thought murdered by Prof. Blackburn.

Years later, she returned with amnesia and was kept from returning to Phillip by the plans of his new wife Blake. While the old lovers spent time in and out of sanitariums, her identity eventually returned and they came back together and left town. Despite having a daughter, when Phillip's paranoia started to reach disturbing heights, Beth left him again, but had second thoughts when she learned that he had quickly moved on with Harley. She returned to town in a bid to get him back, but, frustrated, she attempted suicide as Harley began investigating her. Discovering Beth's history of abusive relationships, Harley offered to help her charge her former abuser, who her young daughter Lizzie ended up shooting. After concern for their daughter failed to bring Phillip back to her, Beth sought comfort with Harley's ex Jim. Unfortunately, his daughter Susan despised her and tried to destroy the relationship.

On a business trip to San Cristobel with Phillip, the plane crashed and she ended up pregnant with his baby on the side of a mountain after a desperate encounter. Reconciliation was not possible and she sought comfort with his rival Edmund. Quickly caught up in the political chaos of his small country, she escaped but was presumed dead in a flood. Re-appearing in Springfield, she now had a new personality, Lorelei, and Edmund and Phillip both began to fight for her. When the Beth part of her finally regained control, she returned to the Spaulding fold although she realized that the relationship was already over. A string of affairs with younger men and her daughter's frequently disturbing behavior kept the stress high. As things got worse at Spaulding, she married Alan and ended up abducting him and Gus in an attempt to reclaim control. When she learned that she was pregnant with Alan's child, they momentarily went after a future that soon vanished with her miscarriage. Lost and trapped in a cold marriage, she started an affair with ex-lover Rick. When this was publicly revealed, his marriage was destroyed and he rejected her while Alan continued trying to use her as a pawn to control her daughter's life. This has reached a violent pitch in recent times with Lizzie's relationship with Jonathan Randall. When things came to a head in Alan's life, he attempted to reconcile with her, but had to back out and divorce her when he was blackmailed by DA Doris Wolfe.

Flings and Relationships

Dr_Frederick_Rick_Bauer (dated - affair)
Brandon "Lujack" Spaulding Luvonaczek (engaged - deceased)
Jackson Freemont (dated)
Neil Everest (engaged - deceased)
Carl Stevens (lovers - deceased)
Ben Warren (lovers - deceased)
Bill Lewis (lovers)
Jeffery_ONeill (lovers)
Alan_Spaulding (one-night stand)


Lillian_Raines (mother)
Bradley Raines (stepfather - deceased)
Sarah Randall (granddaughter)
Calla Matthews (aunt)
Jesse Matthews Hall (cousin)
Brandon Hall (first cousin)
Susan_Daisy_Lemay (former stepdaughter)


Elizabeth_Lizzie_Spaulding (with Phillip)
James Spaulding (with Phillip)
Miscarried child (with Alan)


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