Edmund Winslow (as played by David Andrew MacDonald on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Edmund Winslow

* Attempted to murder Reva, Richard
* Several coup d'etats
* Abducted Holly Reade, Jonathan Randall, Beth, Michelle, Reva, Dinah, Cassie etc.
* Blackmailed Phillip (several times)

Who's played Edmund Winslow over the years?

David Andrew MacDonald (July 8th, 1999 to November 10th, 2005; January 19th & 20th, 2006; October 24, 2007-; January 23, 2009 -)

Past History

Born as the second son to the royal family of San Cristobel, Edmund grew up in the shadow of his brother Prince Richard. It was there that he had the time to hatch a series of Machiavellian plots to take power of the tiny nation. When the amnesiac Reva (as Princess Catherine) reappeared on the island, he tried numerous times to kill her. First he switched her husband's fencing blade so that he almost fatally cut her with a poisoned blade. When that didn't work, he enlisted Olivia to help him but she stopped him before he could shoot her down. She betrayed him to Reva and revealed to the amnesiac all of the details of her previous life with Richard, including the son which Edmond had abducted and his attempted coup of the kingdom. When the two women paired up and tried to expose him, he abducted Reva and tried to blackmail his brother into giving him the throne in exchange for her. Things went wrong for him as Josh and the men of Springfield came after Reva and Edmund went over a cliff after a battle with his brother.

Surviving the fall, he holed up in the mountains before his brother tracked him down. After a momentary reconciliation, the brothers again did battle for the throne. He was put on trial for sabotaging his brother's plane (which went down, almost killing Phillip Spaulding, Jim Lemay and Beth Raines) and only avoided death because of Cassie's pleas for his life. Exiled from San Cristobel, he went to Springfield and began working for Spaulding and the mob, hooking up with the nefarious Carmen Santos. He did some freelance blackmail on the side, targeting Phillip, Beth and then Cassie for their various tawdry transgressions. Returning to San Cristobel, he blackmailed his way onto the throne, taking Beth as his queen. The victory was short-lived and the struggle for power with his brother continued. This would involve double crosses, forced imprisonments, threats of insurrection and a lot of hysterics. It ended with Richard supposedly dead and Beth supposedly dying in a flood after which she fled to Mexico for a quickie divorce.

With his life in ruins, Edmund moved to Chicago where worked in a bar and ran into a woman named Lorelei who just happened to look identical to Beth. He decided to team up with her and have her impersonate Beth so that he could get money out of the Spauldings. Unfortunately, during the elaborate set up, Lorelei fell for Phillip and revealed her plot with Edmund. When Alan was set to have them arrested, it was revealed that she was really Beth after all. Ironically, no one believed this, however, and Edmund continued trying to battle for Beth's fortune before they were trapped in a mine together. While there, they split up.

Quickly moving on with his life, Edmund got back together with Carmen and the mob. When his brother came to town, he tried to reconnect but Edmund rejected him. When Richard died soon after, Edmund was heartbroken. He had more problems with his mob connections, however, and was soon in a blackmail battle with Danny and Carmen. As they fought, their battles blossomed out with him seeking vengeance on the Bauers (for getting Richard's heart and Reva for pulling the plug on the prince). Keeping busy, he also started working for both Alan and Alexandra, his dastardly deeds earning him Alex's vote to put him into the ambassadorship to San Cristobel.

After that, he seemed to have a change of heart. Wanting to do right by his brother's bereaved love, Cassie, he lent a hand to her and they slowly began to develop a relationship. Things were complicated when Jeffrey O'Neill, Richard's doppelganger, arrived in town and upset the emotional lives of both of them. They pushed on with their relationship though, moving in together and developing trust. He was also confronted with the return of Richard's son Jonathan (Sandy) with whom he tried to clear the air about the role he'd played in his past. Trying to further mend his past mistakes, he sought out the nurse involved in Cassie's miscarriage on San Cristobel but this only brought back bad memories and encouraged distrust between them. This was frustrated when it became clear that Jeffrey O'Neill was not who he pretended to be and that Tammy's feelings for the man in her mother's life were not as innocent as they seemed. When she made a pass at him, he tried to let her off gently, but Cassie was furious and the mother-daughter duo had a drawn out fight. Still, Cassie had trouble trusting Edmund and her doubts were fed by Jeffrey. She accused him of being involved in drug trafficking and shadowy dealings with Alan but soon discovered that he was innocent. Her doubts alienated him but they reconciled again, thanks largely to news that someone was impersonating her in Europe. They headed off to the continent together to search for her impostor without luck.

When they returned stateside, she started receiving threats and Edmund teamed up with a mysterious woman to keep Jeffrey from intruding further on their lives. That failed as Cassie hired Jeffrey to protect her and she began to hide behind him, throwing Edmund into a rage. It was then that he discovered that Jeffrey had been impersonating Richard for years. Soon after, he decided to confront his rival, almost killing him by smashing him with a shovel. He had second thoughts, however, and saved him from a burning barn. During the debacle, it was revealed that 'Dee' was Dinah, Cassie's impersonator, and she narrowly saved the real Cassie from death. When it seemed as though she was doomed to prison, she blackmailed the two men to get her off of the charges of murder made against her (for killing Hart Jessup). Although they convinced Cassie to go along with it and help Dinah get off, once the trial ended, Cassie abducted Dinah and tried to kill her. Edmund managed to talk her down but things soon blew up again. While his jealousy continued, Cassie's family-life started coming apart when it was revealed that Sandy was an impostor. It didn't help that the real Jonathan was mentally unbalanced and attempting to wreak revenge on his whole family. Now, Jonathan, Dinah and Jeffrey all sought to undermine Cassie's relationship with Edmund in various ways, almost destroying the couple's wedding day and throwing a cloud over their days. In a rage, he beat Jonathan after suspecting him of sleeping with Cassie. Although he tried to make amends, Cassie left him.

Seeing opportunity, Dinah stepped in, having herself impregnated with Edmund and Cassie's embryos and offering to be a surrogate. Hoping that this might bring Cassie back, he went along with it but it became clear that Dinah was more deranged than ever. Discovering the plan, Cassie was disgusted and pushed Edmund further away, only to run back when it looked like her son Will would be taken back to San Cristobel. Since she couldn't get onto the island, Dinah went as her and, once there, tried to double-cross Edmund. Their falling out had violent consequence and Dinah set it up so that Cassie would walk in on them when he was defending himself after she attacked him. Mistaking this for attempted murder, Cassie left him once again.

Dinah threw herself at Edmund, but he rejected her. She tried to blackmail him into sleeping with her, but he discovered that she lost the baby. Suddenly, he got an idea and decided not tell anyone the baby was gone and to use the promise of its arrival to try and get Cassie back. While he tried to appear magnanimous, he began drugging Dinah to keep her in line while hiding a pregnant Michelle in his suite. He drugged Michelle to induce labor but she ran off. He chased her into a car accident where she did go into labor and then he stole the baby trying to pass it off as Cassie's. The baby wouldn't bring them back together though, and he was still stuck with a manic Dinah and growing suspicion over his involvement with Michelle's vanished child. When DNA tests revealed the baby was Danny's, Edmund was put in jail but got out briefly, just long enough to go after Michelle. She was rescued by Danny and Edmund was left to be attacked by Dinah. Lucky for Edmund, Mallet intervened and stopped her from shooting him. He continued going after Cassie, with Alan's help this time, but Josh and Jeffrey came to her aid. Even when he abducted her and ran off to San Cristobel, her two friends came after her, turning Edmund's own guards against him. He was sent to jail.

Flings and Relationships

Carmen Santos (lovers)
Jenny Hampton (lovers)
Alexandra Spaulding (lovers)
Cassandra "Cassie" Lewis (lovers)


Prince George Winslow (father; deceased)
Princess Charlotte Winslow (mother; deceased)
Alonzo Baptiste (brother)
Richard Winslow (half-brother; deceased)
Jonathan "JB" Randall (nephew)
William Winslow (nephew)
Sarah Randall (great-niece)
Cassandra "Cassie" Lewis (sister-in-law)


Unnamed miscarried child (with Cassie)


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