Dr. Frederick “Rick” Bauer (as played by Michael O’Leary on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Dr. Frederick “Rick” Bauer

* Paid a mechanic to tamper with Ross Marler's plane which caused his death.
* Aided Michelle Bauer in her escape from prison.
* Fraudulently covered for Phillip Spaulding's death.
* Currently married to Beth Raines.

Who's played Dr. Frederick “Rick” Bauer over the years?

Michael O'Leary (May 1983 - Present)
Phil MacGregor (November 1982 - May 1983)
Robbie Berridge (1976 - 1978)
Gary Hannoch (1972 - 1976)
Albert Zungalo III (1970 - 1971)

Past History

Rick was raised by his stepmother Holly, after his mother's early death, until he was sent to prep school. Once there, he hooked up with troublemaker Phillip Spaulding in a friendship that would last into their adult life. He began studying medicine while he and Phillip switched off girlfriends Beth and Mindy. He later entered a rocky relationship with Roxie Shayne, enduring her amnesia and marriage to an illegal alien. Medical school, combined with Roxie's worries over her suicidal sister, put a strain on things and Rick became an amphetamine addict just to keep himself awake at work. He was soon caught up in the manipulations of his mentally unstable supervisor Claire, who used him to extract revenge on the Bauer family. He only narrowly managed to pass his exams. He found love again with Meredith, who he married in a relationship that was destroyed when he discovered that she was carrying Phillip's child. The baby died in birth and the marriage ended. Despite this betrayal, Phillip and Rick remained close and Rick helped him though his mental illness. This went as far as helping Phillip fake his own death to avoid imprisonment. He was arrested for his part in this and left town in shame to return four years later.

After a brief marriage to Annie Dutton, he became obsessed with the possibility that Blake Marler was carrying his child after a one-night stand. When she had her twins, Rick managed to keep silent about his suspicions until a car accident involving them and their mother forced it out. This destroyed both her marriage and Rick's relationship with Abby though it finally came out that neither of the twins was in fact Rick's. He was crushed once again when he failed to become a father, but would soon become one unexpectedly after a one-night stand with Harley left her pregnant. They got engaged to give their son a stable home, but it ended when she couldn't keep her feelings for Gus in check. Rick became involved with Mel in a relationship that quickly escalated into marriage as his heart problems worsened. After their speedy wedding, and his near eminent demise, he received Richard Winslow's heart and made a recovery. At this time, he returned to his role as the confidant and helpful hand of an increasingly unbalanced Phillip and his own aging alcoholic father.

While he celebrated the birth of a daughter and eased his father into retirement, he also investigated Phillip's wife Olivia and undertook ECT therapy on his old friend in a desperate bid to cure him. Phillip however, ended up 'dead' and Rick's mourning alienated him from his new wife. This was compounded by his helping of the Cooper family after Harley's arrest. He was soon shocked by news that Phillip was really alive. The lives of those around him complicated his, as Beth married Alan and Michelle's on-again/ off-again relationship with Danny Santos continued to intrude. This put strain on his marriage with Mel, particularly his secretive devotion to Phillip to the point of covering up his crimes. While Mel continued to pretend that things were okay, in private he had become stranger. He lost his job and drifted back into Harley's orbit where he threatened to have Jude taken away from a drug addled Gus. He soon changed his mind and tried to reconcile with Mel thanks to Leah's efforts. Things didn't work out though, especially after Rick began an affair with a distraught Beth. While he continually tried to end it, it came out when Jonathan Randall publicly exposed him, sending Rick into divorce and forcing him to move in with Gus and Harley.

Flings and Relationships

Mindy Lewis (engaged)
Muffy Baxter (dated)
Tanya Peterson (dated)
Claire Ramsey (lovers)
Roxanne "Roxie" Shayne (engaged)
Amber Novack (dated)
Dana Jones (dated - deceased)
Rae Rooney (engaged)
Christina_Blake_Thorpe_Marler (one night stand)
Harley_Davidson_Cooper_Aitoro (engaged)
May Merisi/Mary Murto (dated)


Ed Bauer (father)
Leslie Bauer (mother - deceased)
Michelle Bauer (half-sister)
William Edward "Bill" Bauer, Sr. (paternal grandfather - deceased)
Bert Bauer (paternal grandmother - deceased)
Stephen Jackson (maternal adopted grandfather - deceased)
Roy Mills (biological maternal grandfather - deceased)
Victoria Ballenger (maternal grandmother - deceased)
Friedrich "Papa" Bauer (paternal great-grandfather - deceased)
"Mama" Bauer (paternal great-grandmother - deceased)
Elsie Miller Franklin (paternal great-grandmother - deceased)
Robert Santos (nephew)
Hope Santos (niece)
Mike Bauer (uncle & stepfather)
Hillary Bauer (aunt - deceased)
Trudy Bauer Palmer (great-aunt)
Meta Bauer (great aunt)
Alma-Jean Miller (great aunt - deceased)
Otto Bauer (great-great-uncle - deceased)
Hope Bauer (cousin)
Alan-Michael_Spaulding (first cousin)
Mary Bauer (first cousin)
Jack Bauer (first cousin)
Johnny Bauer (second cousin)
Lacey Bauer (second cousin)
Clayton Boudreau (father-in-law)
Felicia Boudreau (mother-in-law)
Remy_Boudreau (brother-in-law)
Danny Santos (brother-in-law)


Jude Cooper Bauer (with Harley)
Leah_Boudreau_Bauer (with Mel)


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