Doris Wolfe (as played by Orlagh Cassidy on Guiding Light)

Past History

Doris Wolfe pulled herself up from relative poverty with little more than her own burning ambition. Raising her daughter, Ashlee, alone in a trailer park, she fought her way up the ladder to become one of Springfield's most successful lawyers. When she landed work in the District Attorney's office, she first came to prominence for her harsh and unrelenting prosecution style. She threatened Vanessa while she aided Dinah after Hart's shooting and went after Annie Dutton with a strong case that was defused when prime witness Reva Shayne refused to cooperate at the last minute. She later went after Reva herself for disconnecting Hart's life support and got her sentenced to two years (it was later dropped). Her years of work fell by the wayside however when the mayor appointed the virtually unknown Jeffrey O'Neill to the office of DA.

Unforgiving and unforgetful, Doris began a vendetta against Reva and her family. She went after Jonathan and Tammy for arson, but relented on putting Tammy away when Jeffrey offered her his job to let her off. The case against Jonathan fell apart when Sandy Foster confessed to setting the fire. Undeterred, she took the next opportunity, and Ashlee's drunken adventures with Jonathan, to go after him again. Jonathan continued to taunt her by spending time with Ashlee, but Alan dissuaded her from pursuing this. He began flirting with her and used her to try and get Lizzie's baby away from her even before it was born. Finding what she had long wanted in Alan, she used the evidence she had of his involvement in Tammy's death as a brokering tool to get him to marry her. Although Beth tried to fight to keep her husband, Doris threatened both Alan and Lizzie and Beth was forced out. Soon, Doris and Alan were wed but he was mysteriously shot in the elevator during the ceremony. With her new husband in a coma, Doris sought to evict his former wife and her family from the mansion while moving in with Ashlee. The marriage was short lived, however. Alan ended it and she made him promise to support her interests in the future. Heading back to work as DA, Doris wasn't about to relinquish her interest in power and soon began running for the position of mayor. This caused a further rift with her daughter when Ashlee supported her opponent, Buzz, instead. Although Doris properly won the election, her daughter committed massive election fraud to push Buzz into position to take it. This was soon revealed and, although hurt, Doris shielded her daughter from prosecution and tried to become a more positive influence in her life.


Alan-Michael Spaulding (son-in-law)
Alexandra Spaulding (sister-in-law)
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding (granddaughter-in-law)
Gus Aitoro (son-in-law)


Ashlee Wolfe (daughter with sperm donor)


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