Cyrus Foley (as played by Murray Bartlett on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Cyrus Foley

* Recently released from a Spanish prison.
* World famous thief.

Past History

Cyrus is an accomplished thief, of both jewelry and identity. He and Dinah Marler (then known as Didi More) spent time together robbing their way across Europe before he was arrested and sent to prison. He came back to Springfield to confront her and used her to help commit several robberies. All the while he was tracked by detective Marina Cooper with whom he developed a relationship. They were kept apart, largely by her father. In a bid to gain more respectability, he took a job as Alexandra Spaulding's limo driver. When immigration threatened to arrest him, he married Alexandra to stay in the country. This was mostly her idea and she promised him an open marriage so long as he stayed away from Marina. He found that hard to do. In revenge, she hired his old partner, Marshall Griggs to kidnap Marina and take her away. Cyrus teamed up with Harley to get her back. They did so but, in the process, were trapped in an old church that was blown up. They survived and, after several days trapped under the rubble, were rescued. After that, he and Marina moved in together and he joined Harley's Angels with her and Harley.

Flings and Relationships

Dinah Marler (lovers)
Marina Cooper (lovers)






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