Cassandra “Cassie” Lewis (as played by Nicole Forester on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Cassandra “Cassie” Lewis

* Lives at the Jessup farm with Josh and RJ.
* Original name was Danni Shayne.
* Kidnapped Dinah Marler.
* Hid fugitives Danny and Michelle Santos.
* Attempted to frame her nephew Jonathan as her seducer.

Who's played Cassandra “Cassie” Lewis over the years?

Nicole Forester (November 2005 - November 4, 2008)
Laura Stepp (temporary replacement - January 2001)
Laura Wright (Originated role - August 1997 - November 2005)

Past History

Cassie Layne was given up at birth to pass between foster homes. She married her high school sweetheart and had a daughter who was taken away from her when her husband was arrested on drugs charges. Forced to work as a stripper to pay her legal bills, she soon became a pawn in Alan Spaulding's games. He hired her to spy on the Lewis brothers and inadvertently discovered that she was the lost sister of Reva. When they discovered her rouse, she confessed everything and they accepted her into the family with her new beau, Hart Jessup. She also found her own nemesis, Dinah Marler, and the two fought over Hart in a series of affairs and pregnancies, real and false, before he was killed by Dinah with a bullet meant for Cassie.

A destitute Cassie would eventually marry her amnesiac sister's ex-husband Richard Winslow, Prince of San Cristobel. While he proposed the marriage since he was desperate for an heir, they soon fell in love. This put her at the center of the complex and dangerous political crisis of the small island from which she would eventually flee back to Springfield. Richard died in a car accident and her small inheritance was soon eaten up by debts. Her past soon followed her when Richard's double, Jeffrey, arrived as well as his rival Edmund. She developed awkward relationships with both men while they investigated the woman who had been traveling the world pretending to be her (it was Dinah).

With Edmund, Tammy and RJ, she tried to make a family again, but he would soon regress to the evil man he had been when she knew him on San Cristobel. She turned to Jeffrey for help and comfort while her family fell apart, thanks largely to Jonathan seducing Tammy and Dinah's return. The more she learned of Jeffrey however, the more disillusioned she became. His affair with Blake ended it for them and she began to fall for Josh while his marriage to Reva was faltering. While they resisted their attraction, they finally gave in. Their controversial relationship continues.

Flings and Relationships

Harlan_Billy_Lewis_II (dated)
Hart Jessup (engaged - deceased)
Jim Lemay (dated - deceased)
Edmund Winslow (engaged)
Jeffery_ONeill (Lovers)
Dr. Colin McCabe (one date)
Joshua_Lewis (dated)
Cyrus Foley (affair)


Mr. and Mrs. Rae (adopted parents - deceased)
Sarah O'Neal Shayne (mother - deceased)
Reva Shayne (half-sister)
Roxanne "Roxie" Shayne (half-sister)
Russell "Rusty" Shayne (half-brother)
Dylan Lewis (nephew)
Marah Lewis (niece)
Shayne Lewis (nephew)
Jonathan Randall (nephew)
Susan_Daisy_Lemay (grandniece)
Sarah Randall (grandniece)
June O'Neill (aunt - deceased)
Edmund Winslow (brother-in-law)
Alonzo Baptiste (brother-in-law)


Tammy Layne Winslow (with Rob - adopted by Richard)
Roger Joshua Winslow (with Hart - adopted by Richard)
Unnamed stillborn child (with Richard - deceased)
William Richard Winslow (adopted with Richard)
Unnamed miscarried child (with Edmund - deceased)
Unnamed miscarried child (with Edmund - deceased)


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