Bill Lewis III (as played by Daniel Cosgrove on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Bill Lewis III

* Born in November 1984 but birth date revised to 1980 in 1989.
* Harbored a fugitive Dinah.
* Married Olivia to keep her in the country.
* Accidental arson as a child.
* Married to Ava Peralta

Who's played Bill Lewis III over the years?

Renauld White (November 1984 to 1986)
Bryan Buffinton (July 14th, 1989 to February 17th, 1998)
Ryan Brown (July 14th, 1998 to March 27th, 2001)
Daniel Cosgrove (June 5th, 2002 to October 18th, 2005; November 13th 2007 -)

Past History

After surviving the chaotic on again/off again relationship between his parents, Billy and Vanessa, 'little Bill' fell in love with Michelle. Discovering half a million dollars on the beach (hidden there by Tangie Hill), he bought her perfume and she gave him his first kiss. His naive outlook on the world was soon shattered when his father was arrested for attempted murder and his mother started an affair with Matt Reardon.

Accidentally, he started the 5th Street fire. With his mother's encouragement he confessed and wasn't charged because he was underage. After Vanessa supposedly died in a car accident, Bill moved into a boarding house before Matt convinced him to come and live with him. Still interested in Michelle, he agreed to help her track down the recipient of her dead mother's heart and hacked into the hospital medical records. He soon received a shock when he overheard Matt and Dinah talking about Vanessa, who was, apparently, still alive. She soon returned but Bill's problems quickly became worse. Michelle tracked down Jesse, the recipient of her mother's heart, and Bill became jealous of the relationship she developed with him. She seemed to slip away, but she came back for help after accidentally killing a mobster named Mick. He helped try to cover up the death but it wasn't enough. Michelle had to marry Mick's brother, Danny, to settle the matter. This was only the beginning of his entanglement with the Santos mob though.

Seeing that Michelle was off limits, he started to see a girl named Pilar, saving her from some of the Santos thugs, including from a shoot up in a club. He soon got a job with one of the crime family's companies, however, much to the frustration of his mother. When Vanessa and Matt tried to bring him over to Spaulding, Bill refused. Soon after, Ben Warren set him up for breaking into the Spaulding computers. He was arrested and thrown in jail where he was beaten by one of the guards. When he fought back, he was charged with attempted murder but the charges didn't stick. It soon became clear, however, that Pilar and Ben were something of an item. When Bill was released, Ben soon turned up dead and Vanessa was in a terrible accident. He rushed to his mother's side but quickly left when Michelle was arrested for Ben's murder. He tried to defend her while still trying to get Pilar back. Pilar turned around and became a nun, but not without revealing that her mother, Carmen, was the one that killed Ben. Michelle got off, Carmen was charged and Vanessa left town, leaving her company in Bill's hands. Rather abruptly, he left Springfield to search out Pilar in Europe.

Things with Pilar didn't work out so Bill went on a bender for a year or so, hooking up with Lorelei Hills on the way. When he returned to Springfield, he met up with Beth and told her about Lorelei, which made her uncomfortable (because she was Lorelei after all). Finally, Olivia explained the situation to him, embarrassing Beth. As she ran off to discover her time as Lorelei, Bill tagged after her, rekindling their romance and her memories, one of which was that they were actually married. It was short-lived, however. Beth couldn't deal with Bill's longstanding relationship with Michelle and left him. As Carmen tried to steal Michelle's child away, Bill went to her aid, almost getting shot in the process. He tried to push Michelle for more than friendship (she was separated from Danny at the time) but she couldn't do it.

After being rejected by her, he started to see the local madam, Eden August, with disastrous results. He naively defended her and Ben Reade when they were accused of crimes and even attacked his own father when he called her a tramp.

The next year, Bill proposed to Eden and took over as president of Lewis Construction. He also encouraged Danny to run for mayor and backed his campaign. After Danny's surprise win, allegations of vote tampering came out and he backed down, outraging Bill. Although Bill refused to accept it at first, it became clear that Danny had tampered with things. Things became worse when Vinnie Salerno's mob pushed into town and Eden's old past came back to haunt her (Vinnie's mob had backed her business). After he threatened Vinnie to stay away, he was beaten. Days later, Eden turned up dead. Bill went out for revenge on Tony Santos but Olivia talked him down. Then he went out for revenge on Vinnie, but Danny talked him down. It was soon revealed to him that Eden wasn't dead, she was in the Witness Protection Program. When he offered to go into hiding with her, she told him of her affair with Tony. Disgusted with her attempt to drive him away, he declared her dead to him and walked away.

Grieving over his loss, he started to drink and flirt with Olivia. At the time, she was trying to buy up Spaulding, something he happened to be doing at the same time. When he refused to help her take down the Spauldings, she told Josh and Billy about his drinking and emotional problems. They had him removed from Lewis. In spite of everything, including her marriage to Phillip, he and Olivia became closer. As her marriage fell apart, she sought revenge and Bill finally agreed to help her. They set up a company and recruited Harley to help them destroy Spaulding. It quickly deteriorated into a series of kidnappings and no one trusted anyone. When Olivia was suddenly arrested and prepared for deportation, Bill offered to marry her to keep her in the country. Days later Phillip ran off with the children. To make things even worse, it came out that Billy had been trying to have Olivia deported.

When Bill was called by Phillip, he found him shot 'dead'. Soon after, Olivia tried to flee town but Bill managed to stop her. As they grew closer, he planned to adopt Emma. Before he could, Olivia vanished. Bill knew instantly that Alan was behind this and tracked her down to Ravenwood. He tried to break her out without luck. After she told him that Alan had launched this entire scheme to keep him from adopting Emma, he got word to his father to rescue them, which he did while disguised as a magician. Once out, they grabbed Emma and tried to lay low. Alan soon surprised them by producing a TV special that pinned suspicion of Phillip's death on them. Although they threatened to sue if he showed it publicly, they realized that the publicity could destroy their business so they backed down, Olivia even asking Bill to back out of the adoption. It wasn't long before Bill was physically attacking Alan, which only gave the Spaulding patriarch more ammunition against the couple.

After making a deal with Alan, Olivia found herself sitting at the head of Spaulding after Gus left. She was ready to destroy it from inside but was becoming distracted as Bill placed more of his attention on Harley as she went up on charges of murdering Phillip. Bill even lied on the stand to keep Harley from prison and tried to get Lewis to finish her house. This disturbed Olivia, who outed a bribed witness at the trial to damage Harley's defense and then sold half of Lewis to Alan, much to Bill's anger. He offered to fix the trial but Harley refused. After returning to work at Lewis, he caught Olivia trying to blackmail his father so that she could take over the business. Splitting from her, he turned to Harley for comfort. Though they ended up in bed, nothing happened. Nonetheless, Gus caught them and they let him think the worst in order to push him away from his convict/lover. Gus told Olivia and she soon vanished while Bill started to believe that she might have actually been behind Phillip's death. He went in search of her, tracking her down at Cross Creek. In an effort to get her to confess, he kidnapped Emma. She came after the girl, almost breaking down and nearly shooting Gus.

Reuniting with Olivia, he started up the adoption again and was suddenly in a suspicious accident at Lewis. Although they took this as a threat from Alan, they went ahead anyway. Soon, Michelle showed up, pregnant and looking for a place to hide. He obliged but Olivia ratted her out to Danny when she found out. This put more strain on the marriage, which was only aggravated by Olivia's continual jealousy. When he became increasingly less ambitious, she tried to push him into work by pushing his father off the wagon. Bill was prompted to assume his father's place. After confronting his wife with her conniving, she finally admitted to it and he left her and Springfield behind for Venezuela.

Flings and Relationships

Candy (dated)
Pilar Santos (lovers)
Elizabeth "Beth" Raines Bauer (also, as Lorelei Hills) (lovers)
Michelle Bauer (dated)
Eden August (engaged)
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding (lovers)
Ava Peralta (lovers)


Harlan "Billy" Lewis II (father)
Vanessa Chamberlain Lewis Reardon (mother)
Dylan Lewis (half-brother)
Melinda "Mindy" Sue Lewis (half-sister)
Dinah Marler (half-sister)
Maureen Reardon (half-sister)
Harlan Billy "H.B." Lewis I (paternal grandfather; deceased)
Sally Gleason (paternal grandmother; deceased)
Henry Chamberlain (maternal grandfather; deceased)
William Lewis (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)
Susan 'Daisy' Lemay (niece)
Joshua Lewis (uncle)
Kyle Sampson (uncle)
Patricia "Trish" Lewis (aunt)
Quinton Chamberlain (uncle)
Marah Lewis (cousin)
Shayne Lewis (cousin)
Benjamin Reade (cousin; deceased)
J Chamberlain (cousin)
Matt Reardon (stepfather)
Kurt Corday (brother-in-law; deceased)
Bridget Reardon Lewis (sister-in-law)


Emma Spencer Lewis (adopted; with Olivia)


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