Ava Peralta Lewis (as played by Michelle Ray Smith on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Ava Peralta Lewis

Married to Bill Lewis III

Who's played Ava Peralta Lewis over the years?

Michelle Ray Smith (August 2005 - Present)

Past History

A battered Ava arrived in Springfield on the run from loan sharks. Luckily for her, she collapsed at Outskirts and Jonathan paid off her debt. Now indebted, she paid him back by working with him and as the assistant of Olivia Spencer. She soon befriended Jonathan and Tammy, but was shocked to discover that Tammy's fiance was none other than her own husband. While Jonathan tried to use this to find a way to break Sandy and Tammy up, Ava eventually let the secret out and was ejected from her room and job as a result.

Now homeless, she ran into Coop at CO2 and they quickly became confidants. This irked his girlfriend Lizzie, but that relationship was soon sabotaged when Ava spotted Lizzie with another man. As that relationship fell apart and led to numerous fights between the two women, she and Coop became closer. Their burgeoning relationship was threatened by Lizzie's announcement of pregnancy, but when it turned out not to be his baby, the couple finally came together. She was quickly accepted into the Cooper family, leading to clashes with Olivia who was involved with both Frank and then Buzz. Finding Olivia untrustworthy, she became a thorn in her side. This would lead to numerous attempts on her life by Olivia, including a fire from which she was rescued by Alan-Michael who soon hired her to work for him.

Later, Olivia's daughter would have an accident while being babysat by Ava. When the child almost died, Olivia went into a rage which would motivate Ava's attempted murder. While the two continued to fight, it was accidentally revealed that Ava was the daughter who Olivia gave up for adoption after being raped. News of her real parentage has shattered Ava's world and, since her father has been banned from her life by her mother, she is forced once again to decide if she should leave town. This upset has also been met with an upset in her relationship with Coop. His overprotective behavior has alienated her and driven her closer to her boss Alan-Michael.

Flings and Relationships

Jerry (dated)
Henry_Coop_Bradshaw (lovers)
Remy Boudreau (lovers)


Olivia_Spencer_Lewis (Biological Mother)
Jeffery_ONeill (biological Father)
Mrs. Peralta (adoptive mother)
Emma Lewis (half-sister)
Gregory Spencer (maternal grandfather - deceased)
Rebecca Spencer (maternal grandmother - deceased)
Marissa Spencer Randall (aunt - deceased)
Sam Spencer (uncle)


Expecting (sperm donor)


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